Body Language – Trump taking vax

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Disappointing all around. He has to know what’s going on, but something we do not know is at stake. I only wish he’d be screaming Ivermectin and Hydrocholoroquine from the rooftops. That would make me love him again.


I think… If Trump “took it” then he would have done it publicly! Too much of a show pony to not make the most of it.


It’s all bollocks. There is no damn virus. Never has been isolated (regardless of what the liars say) which would be definitive proof if they ever did isolate it.


I think he’s saying that YES, he’d gotten it and YES, he’s VACCINATED because when he got it they treated him with the Monoclonal Antibodies. So he’s vaccinated two ways.
As far as the Warp Speed vaccines, IMHO, he’d already told us MONTHS BEFORE that the “magic pill” was Hydrocholoroquine and, a bit later the Ivermectin and the rest.
It was just one more of his “I’ve told you what you should do, do you trust me?”
The left are STILL clutching their teddy bears and wearing their masks because those IDIOTS in the Lamestream, Hollyweird, and even their own doctors and pharmacists are LYING ABOUT IT!
My whole family have taken the jab!
I’ll take my chances, thanks very much!
I just don’t think Trump would poison ALL of us.


You my friend are delusional


No sound 😥

Jeff Sharkey

I may be misunderstanding, but the way it seemed that Trump’s response “I had it, and I took it”, was referring to his having been diagnosed with COVID before the vaccine came out, and additionally having gotten vaccinated as well. With most viruses, once one has been infected with the virus and recovered, the bodies response immunizes you against another illness from the same virus. I believe that they are saying that is true of COVID, and if that is the case, getting vaccinated after getting sick is duplicative. Nothing wrong with doing so, but not as necessary as if one hadn’t been sick.


They want him to do an ad encouraging people to take an experimental drug that changes the immune system’s response to viruses with no long term studies to counteract an engineered virus that has a death rate slightly higher than the flu. Sounds like a trap to me.


Hmmm. Not much to say except interesting. Very interesting. Didn’t care for that response either. It didn’t sit right.

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