Body Language – Finding Q, The Conclusion

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Tracy Lebo

If there was a hijacking of the original Q and a switch of some sort, who or what was the original Q ?


Codemonkeys Dad is an attention seeking, genius but an egg short of a dozen. I believe Codemonkey came along later. As the Q person realized Codemonkeys skillset. I have a hard time believing Roger Stone is Q. In fact the Q followers fell out with Stone and Corson? I forget his name. He and Roger were pissed at being shut out. Bannon? Maybe. Everyone believed Q to be a group of people. Which is why the post styles changed from time to time. Will we ever know? I know ABC in Australia just did a show on how a family turned their son in for following Q. It seems the left is bent on making Q followers look dangerous. Some people who followed Q were weird. I mean flat earth? Really? But most in the community followed a non violent but information sharing group. In fact violence was looked down on. Q followers haven’t disappeared. They’ve been forced underground by censorship.

Daniel Jeffery

Something about Ron Watkins.

He’s a fairly young guy, and as Mandy pointed out, he likes anime. I do feel that he was enjoying the attention, though that could bring out two possibilities

The first is that it could bring out the idea that he wants to confuse people, or have fun with people, by acting a little bit eccentric in order to make people think he was Q, so to put it another way he is incentivised to embellish the things that make it sound as though he is “connected” to the Q because once again he likes the idea of people thinking that he is part of the team.

As for the second possibility I’ve either forgotten it or absorbed it into one :P!

I think the real Q is quite “serious”, not serious as in can’t make a joke, but in the sense that they understand how important what they say is, i.e the effect that it has on other people’s lives, relationships, or negative effects it may bring to them.

I have never gotten the sense that Q was run by someone who was immature, self-aggrandizing, or someone who wanted to play a practical joke on people.

I think that one day we will learn quite a lot more about what Q was and who was behind it, and as I said elsewhere I personally am confident that it was a genuine plan by Trump and those around him, after all Trump’s President was very atypical, and therefore something like Q just makes sense.

Julie E

If you follow Q, this video is pointless. They have Poseobic and Stone as possibilities. Good grief! Don’t subscribe to watch this like I did. Waste of time and money

Daniel Jeffery

I agree with you, however I also found this very interesting, and therefore valuable.

Not just the body language interpretation, but the actual documentary itself. Documentaries are very manipulative generally, and this one did not break that rule, however I felt it did it in a clever way.

Anyway, I think that it would have made more sense to look at General Flynn, although there probably was not any footage on him whilst this was being made. Funnily enough in recent times he has been asked a few times regarding Q.

So I think Flynn is one of the group, I think Trump is, Scavino may be or he might just be someone who is close enough to figure it out but is not specifically told.

I’d be very surprised if the “Q” phenomena was not directly controlled and crafted by Trump and those around him, very surprised.


I don’t subscribe for one video… I subscribe to regain my ability to read people in our world of deceptive leaders. You don’t need to agree with what Mandy sees… what you see may be different.

Just learn about bias and how that might impact what you see.


Only starting to watch and I find when someone calls this movement Qanon – then they don’t get it. It is “Q” and the anon part are those who decode the Q drops. The “movement” (if you wanna call it that) is not Qanon. Does anyone else feel the same about this?


Ron “code monkey Z” Watkins is only slightly less strange than his father, Jim. That being said, this review was interesting, even though I don’t really care who created the Q posts. I don’t really see them as manipulation, necessarily, but more as a way to get around the fake media, expose the deep state and create interest in things that people might otherwise ignore. To that degree they served their purpose well. If they start posting again, they still will have a lot of influence, though the doxxing of Bannon by Code Monkey makes that seem unlikely.


i honestly think Flynn took over.


Flynn, Powell, Wood, Bannon, Scavino, McInerney and Miller are all insiders and are involved in some way or another. If not writing, knowing about the operation.

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