Body Language – The Tiger King Series – E01

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Now I understand my father’s need for attention. That explains a lot about my childhood. It wasn’t about me, it was his attention seeking personality.


I do get tired of the mischaracterization of anarchy. It’s a political belief in which associations are voluntary. It also follows natural law, which doesn’t accept aggression. But it does support self rule. The only “anarchist” group involved with this violence is the black bloc. Which is really a cover for cops inciting violence. The state hates anarchy because it doesn’t include parasitic government. And the people are ignorant enough to let the state think for them.

Cindy Delk

When is the next one coming? Yes, like a moth to a flame, I am drawn in, lol. Love this series!!!!

Natalie F

There’s something desperately wrong with a society that continues to indulge these personality types. The difference between “lord antman” and Charles Manson??.. He hasn’t asked his disciples to kill for him yet. (At least not to our knowledge) I had chosen not to watch this series just based on the previews, and after this video I feel justified in that decision. I think Toby Keith named an album with these three in mind… “White trash with money”. On the list of people who could fall off the Earth and we’d all be better for it, they each have infinite potential to make the top ten. In an ironic twist, they’d all be happy with the “distinction”. Isn’t narcissism fun?

Cindy Delk

I for one, love it. It is a fascinating look at what makes people do what they do. I would also like to see BLG analyze a video with Charles Manson. I’m here to see what makes people tick, not because I like or don’t like the subject studied. I agree, I wish all the manipulating users in our world, would just fall off the earth, but sense they are here, I would like to understand it better.

Natalie F

I agree that it’s fascinating in the same way it’s hard to look away from a train wreck. That being said, when I stated there is something wrong with a society that continues to indulge these personality types I was referring to their “disciples”, the people feeding their dysfunction on a daily basis, not those of us intrigued by the analysis of their psyche.

Carol Dee

Can you do the other episodes? smile


We usually do one episode a month

Carol Dee

Please do the entire series, when you get the chance. I’d love to know your thoughts. Learning a lot from you, Mandy.


We will be doing many episodes of it. We usually try to release one episode per month we are doing a series.

Cindy Delk

One a month is not enough! Feed us! lol


Doc seems like a real Svengali character. Just gross & creepy. They all are.


A friend of mine worked at one of their pet stores in years ago in N TX when she in agriculture classes for high school and knew the guys. She worked for Brian, I think, She told me that the show did not exaggerate Joe’s behavior and personality. He really was that crazy…

Dylan Harris

Awesome video, cant wait for the next one


Its not playing for me for some reason.


Wld love to see the other episodes too this series is so fascinating !


Fantastic analysis. Love your work. Look forward to the next episode.




I have heard that this series is very popular. After watching this it seems like many viewers are drawn like a moth to a flame watching the interactions between people with Cluster B personality disorders. Having had my fill of them attempting to keep them in check for 40 years, my first reaction is the most extreme form of social distancing- run away as fast as possible.


lol… it just aint worth it!



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