Body Language – Surviving Jail, Episode 3

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Kyle Mcbride

Can I haz more crime series? Big fan:)


yes smile


I love how the camera pans to a shot of Robert’s laxatives smile


They ended as they began: Zach-survivor, Tami-controlling person who expects other people to yield without establishing credibility, emotion driven when they don’t, Robert-full of [email protected]#$ literally and figuratively. When you get right down to it, about the same percentage of people who are capable of observing a situation and seeing it realistically, vs. imposing their own bs on it in some way. Pretty good series for body language. Thanks, Mandy.


Thanks, Mandy! This was an interesting series to watch the body language! And Robert … well, I don’t think we would be friends.


Great series, thank you Mandy.

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