Body Language – Surviving Jail, Episode 1

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Robert was making me nervous. Whew.

Joseph Mallyon

When is the next one coming out? I loved this insight. Awaiting the second one.


Good night in the mornin! I’d like to knock that Ryan down a peg. Geesh. He sounds like an 17 year old girl who knows everything. Reminds my of my daughter at 17. SsMH Okay. Rant over.


This was a good one. Really interesting.


Just finished watching about three of these in season two. I know I wouldn’t volunteer to do this. Nerve wracking. Interesting to watch.

Julie Dicks

Great! Thanks.


Really interesting thanks for the critique


Ahh…memories. Good choice to do. Another good one was “Jail”. Used to use clips of the Correctional Officers at the Clark County Jail in Vegas in my crisis intervention trainings as examples of staff body language that either helped resolve the situation or made it worse by inciting someone. There was one officer that I nicknamed “The Rocket Launcher”, another that was really good at defusing people who were not only agitated, but high or drunk. Looking forward to more of these!


ill have to look into that!

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