Body Language – James Curtis Clanton, Cold Case Suspect

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Kresha Easton

Lori was my Aunt. She was also my Aunt who has been indicted in Idaho and in Arizona for murder, conspiracy to murder, etc.. my Uncle Charles Vallow, my Tylee Ryan, and my baby nephew JJ Vallow. My parents are the Woodcock’s. JJ was born to my brother Todd & his longtime GF Mandy. Great people. Drugs. Toxic relationship. End product=my beautiful nephew (Canaan Todd Trahan) then adopted by my dear uncle Charles and Lori. My latest name for her is “Aunt Satan” or in hers and Melanie Gibb’s language, “Korihor”. That’s from their recorded phone call about “Wresting scriptures” and freaking “Korihor”!! Never have I ever witnessed such evilness in people, until everything began coming unhinged or aka “according to the master plan” I guess if you look at it from Lori, Chad, and the rest of the “we’re not a cult cult” co-conspirators! Wow!! I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand this. But I wanted to thank you for putting work in on this case/cases! I’ve been watching the behavior panel and I’ve run across your channel but had to find my way to here to see it lol.. all that matters is that I found it! 💙💜 There are so many videos of body language that could definitely use and appreciate your specific and sharpened skills. I’ve been wanting to ask but am just now getting around to it. There is always something new to digest with this entire ordeal! So much to learn and research for sure!! Thank you again for your services! If you’re interested in possibly “translating” this being (LOL) please email me @
[email protected]
Thank you so much for your contribution to this world. I never knew how important body language was until this happened and it most likely could have helped me in recognizing signs and red flags much sooner.
#lovealwayswins 💜💙


The difference is having a conscience, even an underdeveloped one. Most violent offenders have a traumatic background, but some have a conscience and some don’t. I have seen a few situations where the offender repeated the crimes of a parent with not a shred of guilt, that make me wonder if the conscience vs. no conscience issue is partially genetic vs. learned behavior only.

Not asleep

We are inundated with movies, video games etc. that portray the most vile, violent scenes. How can we not become desensitized after months, years of watching these things. I have a post it note that reminds me that when we stop seeing people as part of Gods creation, it becomes easier to harm them because we no longer have God’s viewpoint of them, they are no longer human to us. Look up Mark Dice’s book called Hollywood Propaganda, How T.V., Movies, and Music, Shape Our Culture.

It also talks about sports and how they are in arenas to give the feel of ancient times when gladiators participated in blood sports. All done to distract and shape our thinking.

Last edited 2 months ago by Not asleep

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