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At the top of the page hit the subscription tab then you can chose to add a subscription

Thea Vine

Hey! I am similarly having problems. I love the content on here & got a Silver sub, particularly to do a refresher of some tells while watching this new Michael Jackson HBO docu. My sub is activated & paid for but this Tutorial page has not changed to reflect that. Any help you can offer would be great, Mr. No Name. Thanks!


You need gold to access Tutorials smile

Thea Vine

Well, Mandy your stuff is well worth the membership. Upgrading now.


Has the monthly subscription been removed? I went to have a look at it again today and there is only a yearly option which I won’t take out without knowing what I am getting into first.


User error, fixed now.


“Superiority complex” that she brought up in the deception video

Brian Pearson

Trying to find fees etc


Any books you would recommend to understand some of the details your are talking about, e.g eyes, body, context of what the given person is saying and how to connect the dots.
Thank you smile

Georgina Young

I’m a new subscriber but I have been watching your postings on YouTube religiously for a while now.
Tried other ones. But none of them compared to Mandy’s.
I started the tutorials today and realized that I am in need of some guidance. Understanding that the tutorial video’s list is going to fluctuates in it’s content, would you recommend a video sequence to follow (general knowledge to more specialized one)?
Thank you,
Stay safe,


A request… Psychos and sociopaths… let us hear even more about how to spot em. Thank you, Mandy! You are, by the way, so much fun!

Gerald L

SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaas!!!!!!!!! I found you a month ago or so, and my husband signed up tonight!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh 😄😄😄😄😄 so happy !!!! Thanks for your videos!!!!!

Be blessed in Jesus Christ Name!!!!!!!!!!

Kai Zemmermann

Re Prettyface “you are still getting bombarded” … ^^

Matthew Costello

Heard that too 😊

roy santucci

I am totaly confused. Im not good with computers. at all. love the youtubes and want to learn more. i can log in. but cant do anything. ??? I am now lost. lol

Alexandria Johnson

does that guy not remind you of sheldon cooper? makes me wonder if the creators saw this footage and based his character off of him lol

Rob Christensen

I’d love to see more videos on narcissistic and sociopathic personalities, as these are quite common in our society. Exposing their manipulative and controlling behaviors is really enlightening.


wish granted

Jesse Boyce

Can you set up an option to upgrade from silver to gold?

Lisa Specht

Mandy…in these videos, there are 4 pulsating lines right in the middle of the video. This is VERY distracting. Can I make it go away?


thank you for letting us know, we will look at it


who would like to read this man named micheal nice.
he tells the world that he faked his death and that he helpt out tupac faking his death to and he keeps on telling the world that tupac is still a life laughing hand thinking


Odalys cardona

does anyone know how much it costs to get the silver membership? I cannot find it anywhere

Mohamed Aboghali

Hi…want to thank u..and wish u egyptian fan came from youtube
Aint no way to play the videos with subtitles like on youtube ?


Updated eye movement videos maybe?


Hello Mandy and Mr. No Name,
I have upgraded from Silver to Gold and now I am an Adorable Deplorable!
Unfortunately, I keep getting the “you do not have access page” when I click on “Tutorials.”
I’ve tried every work-around I can think of but no luck.
Can you help?



Michael Polega

Is there an order in which we should watch each video or can they be played at random?

Luis Berenguer

How many cultures do you know guys? I mean, theres is the gang culture wich tries to proyect strenght but is there any other one?


all areas of peoples have a unique culture. all the different European countries, all the different religious groups…. years could be spent categorizing culture.

Luis Berenguer

Hi Mandy, thanks for your answer! I’m very interested about how different cultures influence behaviour because it’s a factor when we are analizing them (why is he constantly trying to proyect streght). I imagine that a religious person will try to proyect saintly qualities and humility (fake or not). I also get that there are a lot of cultures but I want to ask you for a future video anyways. Maybe 3-4 of the most important cultures, the most common ones or those who we can identify on our daily lifes.

Thanks for putting so great content!
PS: I love your voice.

Aleksa Lucic

I have a problem subscribing since it only shows me an option with all year subscription. Is this just an error or do you not offer an option with monthly sub? Thanks

Travis Lehman

Hey I am only seeing options for yearly subscriptions!

Mellissa Quinn

Is there no option to subscribe monthly? I can’t afford the up front fee but have been donating a couple of months..

Mary Hadley

I’ve joined the site… can someone tell me how to find the Instructional series please? Thanks’


I am paying $10/month but it won’t let me access the tutorials.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Rona


If you are through Patreon or Subscribstar you will have to use the links from those websites.


oh, ok. I am through Patreon. Thank you, Mandy

Other places you can find me