Body Language – Psychology Of Max. Security Hostage Negotiation

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Jill Henderson



That was great, Mandy. You correctly understand the mentality that exists in a prison. Most people do not want to see what we know, and do not want to hear it expressed clearly, as you do. I have literally had people cover their ears and hum when telling stories about my days working in a maximum security juvenile prison. Luckily we had no riots during my time there, but we did have to participate in weekly martial arts training, which I only had to use once when attacked by an inmate from behind. Fortunately training kicked in and it worked well. The guy was 16 back then in 1977 and is still in the joint today after finally getting a long enough sentence to keep him in until death. Most people just do not want to accept that evil, predatory people exist, but I can attest to the fact that they do. This should be required viewing for judges and politicians.


sadly it seems people ‘believe’ love concurs all…


I am having difficulty playing this video. Keeps stalling and reloading.

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