Body Language – Stephen McDaniel Murder Case

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Forget detectives get an exorcist! Seriously, the detective made the mistake of getting excited. That creep had him eating right of his hand.


When you were talking about something like moving him to a different room I wondered, what would have happened if the detective had done something really odd. Say if he went to a corner of the room and just stared at the corner. After a bit would that break the guys robotic countenance?

Catherine Dale

As long as his feet are spread apart as they are in both of these segments, I do not think the detectives could have gotten a confession. No L Square here.

Jill Henderson

Robotic in every way. What a weirdo


So glad they locked him up, His only concern was for himself. I read elsewhere that investigators found “violent porn” in computer backups. I believe porn can take people down slippery slopes, but that’s just me.


The technique of invading personal space during interrogations is designed to increase the subject’s anxiety. If the subject does not show the increased anxiety or yield space, it shows that they are blocking off everything. You are very right about getting them to move to a different room or exposing them to a different detective weakening their defenses. This brought back memories and made me double glad I don’t need to deal with these type of individuals on a regular basis! Great analysis!

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