Body Language – Jeffrey Epstein

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Video won’t play on iPad. Just sits and does a wave.

David Harrington

What’s the deal with Trump’s eyebrows??


2:38-4:08… The woman behind Epstein, talking w/ his tall friend, looks a dead-ringer for Ghislaine Maxwell. I want to know who the tall man is now!

Margot Spiller

How do I watch the video


Those girls were groomed and trafficked using manipulation and mind control techniques rather than abused by force in most cases. Though I find Epstein to be incredibly evil, Ghislaine Maxwell, who recruited most of them, is just as bad if not worse. I worked with a few who were being trafficked in their early teens. At the time it was happening, they did not comprehend what was happening. Only later did they understand. The damage done was just as bad if not worse.


I would say he’s uncomfortable because he’s being shown women, not little girls. Maybe, he prefers little girls because they can’t judge his sexual prowess and are easily manipulated, unlike an experienced, mature, woman. He’s a sick bastard and I hope those girls still get the justice they deserve. Not holding my breath because of the players involved. I lost my faith in the justice system a long time ago.


No justice no peace…that’s the world we’re living in. Too sad


So hard to get a read on him. He’s got a lifetime of guarding and measuring his every move… Do you know Sloan Bella? She’s a psychic medium and has tried to reach him from beyond the grave and was blocked. When she was meditating, her guides (this is all her language, not mine) told her not to go there…. that his energy would make her sick… She actually describes him having a religion worshipping evil in order to gain power and money. Here’s a link if you have an interest:



Very well read… and very important information about victims behaviour.

The blunt facts about paedophilia is that most often they groom children so the abuse does not actually physically harm them but give them pleasure.
This is why the victims often feel such deep shame and keep quiet.
How can they tell a parent they are being abused if they abuser can say well they were enjoying it… it is also how they get those children to come back to them.

I hope Epstein died a long and painful death in his isolated and lonely cell. Be it by his own hand or anothers.


Its unfortunate many people dont understand victims of different abuses. to many blanket opinions

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