Body Language – Father Of Canada’s Teen Killers

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Thank you Mandy. You’re right on. He is mentally imbalanced. I’m from Vancouver. It was all we could think of when this was playing out. The father said some strange things during, like how smart the boys were at evading the police as if cheering them on. Interesting his choice of words using glory. He declared his son would go out in a blaze of glory previously. Port Alberni where they’re from is a hole. It was voted worst city in Canada, despite its beautiful Vancouver Island location. They have high unemployment, high crime & low income. Which brings up the father, suggested low income and was homeless. So I wonder how he bought a $600 air rifle. He also has a history with the courts for various charges, including charges filed because his son’s mother feared he would murder her. Allegedly schizophrenic and doesn’t take his meds, AND has been diagnosed as delusional :o/

Robin Johnson

just a silly note here but you may want to change the title “Farther” to “Father”. Can’t imagine being in his situation and wonder if there were any signs of his son being a troubled teen.




…Well-there you go! Dear old dad has the jaw and face structure common to meth users. On a side note, those interested in the increase of certain types of spree killings, mass shootings, and serial sexual murders since the 1960’s, might find The New Evil an interesting read. Dr. Stone, one of the authors attempts to rank various types of violent crime on a 22 category scale of evil. It also attempts, in an incomplete way, to explain the social changes that have resulted in this outcome. The book is not for the faint of stomach, as it covers a lot of case studies, but is the first attempt to explore the topic in this way that I have seen.

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