Body Language – Cocaine Cassie Prison Interview

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She can’t remember her pattern? Isn’t Whatsapp a Google app? The cops should get a warrant to make those spying bubbas access her app account, texts and emails for them. They have already admitted to having the capability. Well, unless the DEA doesn’t want this information because it can be connected to a prominent political figure…Well, ladies and gentleman, that’s my conspiracy theory for today.


From this:–-and-hints-she-could-be-free-next-year/ar-AABnGRG

I wonder if she was holding out the password to her cellphone because she had incriminating evidence that helped in her plea deal/parole, to be released earlier from prison.


It would not surprise me… no one gets that much cocaine by being a low level nobody


Excellent example of lots of body tells for deception and pure BS. Thank you Mandy!!


She could not lie her way out of a paper bag!
That blotchy skin sure is a stress indicator for her.
She irritated me so much!

Thanks for this one….


Right? It was amazing to watch her skin get redder and redder. I had a friend with fair skin like hers who would end up with the same blotchy mess on her chest and neck when she got stressed. The difference being she was obviously stressed out whereas this woman seems calm, cool and collected. smh.


Wow! I knew she was lying all over the place! So many markers! Look at her neck, OMG. I never saw that when I watched it… Excellent job, Mandy! Thanks so much!


Let’s get this straight. “Angelo” an international drug kingpin, engages in international surveillance of her family and extortion threats, recruits this goofy woman from Australia to smuggle a measly 5 kilos of cocaine to Hong Kong by way of London. Right!


Her apology was wrong, she wasn’t sorry that what she did was wrong, she was sorry about how it made Australia look. A bit of deflection in her deception.

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