Body Language – Unseen Trauma

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Jill Henderson

Very interesting. Learned something new. Keep it up. I wondered where you went from Patreon. Glad I found you.


Great breakdown. 👍 Hope you are well.


Dangit. I can’t watch this video because I can’t get notifications unblocked. I subscribed but the bell icon is still there taunting me.

Tudor City Lady

Thank you so much Mandy I found this extremely helpful.


Got to think that anyone who lives in a crack infested area is traumatized. Most of my experience is with child and sexual abuse survivors. With some of them the “getting small” often extended to retracting their hands into their sleeves. They also were very hypervigilant, scanning the room and overreacting to sudden movements or startling noises. With some of them, even years later, their system was in a constant flow of fight or flight body chemicals. Very sad that efforts to diminish the flow of drugs into these communities are constantly undermined. Many of the older drug counselors I know talk of a 20 year cycle between cocaine and heroin, with the cocaine portion of the cycle featuring more violent crime and increased crime in general because the high is so short and the users don’t nod off like heroin addicts, staying awake to get money for the next rock. I saw what happens with decriminalized drugs in Amsterdam and it is not pretty. Now we are seeing the same thing with all of the homeless drug addicts in California. Denial does not solve problems.


Wow! You look at so many things that I was not considering. I tend to look at the eyes and where they are directed.


Haha! And this IS about body language. I just realized that I don’t look at people’s body language as much as I do their eyes. Hmmm… I need to be more observant!


I didn’t even look at the eyes until Mandy started to point it out.

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