Body Language – The Staircase Series – Michael Peterson

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I’m new here, but not new to the world and it’s games of masquerade. Let’s begin…


Inasmuch as I am disappointed that he got away with it, I feel the decision to grant him a re-trial is right, and that the court made the right decision in the end. That was some hooky investigation, and what was with that retard who did those experiments? He does deserve the right to a fair trial and since the state produced bad evidence he should go free. God however knows better and he’ll have to answer to God.

vivian cerruto

just paid for gold subscription. how long before i can view crime series?

Angela Smith

Around 07:55, does he just admit he killed her but not with that “damn blow poke”?


Which episode at 7:55 ?


episode 6.

Tom Nova

There was no reaction from the defendant at all. He knows he is guilty.
And based on the verdict can it effect the previous death of the other women; is there a possibility he can be brought to stand against charges in that death; I don’t know [ maybe ]

Anyway I enjoyed this whole series. Thank you for your work on this. I appreciate your efforts.

Tudor City Lady

Even without Mandy’s Enlightenment and I consider her an expert. My inclination tells me he’s guilty. There’s so much more to the story and the fact that hes willing to take a lethal injection why doesn’t he just cough up the truth.


Peterson is a deviant and murderer. Anyone who believes Kathleen understood, accepted his bi-sexuality of her “soulmate” is an idiot..

Kenzie Lynn

I think he had her at the staircase and was beating her head into the angles/edge of the stairs, and that’s why there was no cast off and why it was more significant on the stairs.


Yes, a combination of the two. Couldn’t help but feel for the daughters. Not because they believed their father, but because they fell for the manipulation.


The guy obviously killed two wives and complains about a ten year sentence. So many people committing murders and running free.


I think it’s funny he ran for Mayor… I think politics tends to attract sociopaths. They like-a-the-power.

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