Body Language – 911 Attacks Robert Mueller’s Story

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Cindy Delk

Is anyone else wondering how such a decorated soldier turns into a puppet? How sad, his combat awards show a courageous person, how did he turn into what he is now? Or are all those medals not deserved? So many questions..


Considering the state of affairs in our great nation I would be fantastic if you would take a look at ANY of his interviews regarding his report and or dossier. thinking


So fast blinking means you’re making things up on the fly? Or it means you’re lying?


Fast blinking usually means lying


I clearly remember Bill Clinton blinking rapidly when he was saying, “I did not have sex with ….”


It’s possible Bill didn’t have intercourse with Monica but he’s a horrible liar. THAT was made obvious when he said, “Depends on what the definition of is is.” Only a lawyer who’s being slimy would respond like that.

Tudor City Lady

What does he know, what can’t he say? ” Set high in transit”!
Why would BHO go to such great lengths to keep him on? I’m glad that we’re seeing where we are and just maybe we’ll see his ending from the FBI.


He’s being kept on because he does well as a deep state puppet


I don’t like him. I get that gut feeling that you should stay away from him. Imagine having a conversation with a person that always squirms… it would make me so uncomfortable


Your review on this was MONEY, Mandy! 😁 He is a horrible liar. Even the interviewer isn’t buying it.


No surprises here.


You were right- we all are thinking the same thing. I was suprised that he is such a terrible liar since so many people think so highly of him- oh, that’s right- most of them are liars too. If you spend the time looking into the guy’s record, he has no problem letting people who he knows are innocent die in prison while letting killlers like Whitey Bulger walk free, not to mention witholding evidence illegally. There is a really good reason for the ten year rule and he is a perfect example of it. Crooked cop. Great find and analysis.


Excellent as usual !

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