Body Language – Attempted Assassination of Donald Trump

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Kandice Lackey

Love your videos, HATE this website. It is not user friendly, and I am not computer savvy enough to deal. Also, I didn’t even know there was an assassination attempt until just now. Media is seriously dropping the ball

J. D.

This is my favorite video so far, great job!


manchurian candidate much?


you are soo on point!!!


As a person with OCD, I find this terrifying- that OCD can come out in this way- manifest itself in a way that could cause violence.


This kid doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.


One of your best ever. In dealing with teens and young adults on the spectrum for the last 17 years of my career, I saw many who had such severe anxiety bound into their OCD that they would see things like global warming or racism as such a threat to humanity that they could justify violence in their minds. Many times this started with a parent or teacher, with a seemingly harmless opinion, but once the obsessive thinking kicked in they would seek out confirming information on the internet and TV, etc., which would just increase the anxiety and intensity. There was also a tiny subset that were on the spectrum but also had an anti social personality disorder and were capable of extreme violence. This guy seems to be in the former category, but even so will continue to be dangerous to anybody he perceives as racist and powerful as long as his thinking remains so rigid. Very interesting. The cultural difference regarding free speech definitely makes this sort of thing more likely in areas that don’t allow it. The officer definitely goofed up by not seeing him approach in such a suspicious manner and get so close. Glad he recovered well. Thanks for the analysis.


I missed that connection with the 13 yr old school boy thinking depressive thoughts about where the world is heading. So there is a strong possibility that his radicalization started when he was at school and had a social justice warrior teacher???

That antifa type group “by any means necessary” has it in their manifesto to target the mentally unwell/depressed students to join their ranks…..

I found it very educational about the OCD brain because I just never thought about it in the greater societal aspect. We generally only think about it in the context of washing hands or repetative behaviours In the home that keep people trapped inside and not about the way the compulsions might take on a more intellectual obsession like saving the world from a person that you think will bring on the end of the world!


I ocd is approached in the wrong way. its fear at its core.


The mom said the system failed him. That’s convenient. This kid is dangerous. He should not be allowed to leave his country.


I noted mum had exactly the same haircut all of her life….. if you are so stuck in your ways you settle on a mullet for the rest of your life I think the chances of you failing your child might also need to be considered.


my mother was like that. As i got older, she was like an opinionated teen as far as her view on life. very frustrating to feel like the parent to a parent.


I understand that frustration. I had the be the parent to my mother. She mentally never progressed past thinking like a teenager. She finally got sober at 50, but since she started drinking as a teen, she stayed in that mindset, even today. Sigh.


Good catch Cat! I agree with you. Its interesting how the belief systems people have that are detrimental to the child who has a brain wired differently than a healthy one, can prompt a devastating outcome in the future.


So excited giir this one….. thank you.

I don’t know why but I don’t get push notification for this page….. better late than never!

Edit…. fixed the sub problem

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