Body Language – The JonBenét Ramsey Case

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Diana Gerbec

At 17.26 the mother talks about the profile of the killer and describes the killer as “him”. Was the sex of the killer already determined or was this a slip?


perhaps satanic child sacrifice ritual that went too far. they were part of the elite ring me thinks. the brother was programmed and abused as well, thats why he’s sooo weird.

Kate Flack

Thank you so much for doing this! I really enjoyed it even though im disappointed in the outcome – a mystery still.

Regina Hall

Devil’s advocate: if I had two children and one child killed the other, I can’t say what I may do to protect my remaining child.


I have never come to a conclusion in this one. In fact I have worked very hard not to come to anything at all.

We had a case in Australia of baby Azaria Chamberlain that went missing. The mother was heard to yell “a dingo took my baby” and ended up being found guilty of killing her baby, being jailed for life , and having her new born baby taken from her…

The parents were Seventh Day Adventists and were judged by the media and public in a very negative light. They were a quirky and unusual family in many ways. About 5 years after her jailing the babies jumpsuit was discovered and upon analysis it was determined a dingo did in fact come into camp and take the baby.

I see the mother as obsessed over the daughter, feminising her son, only saw the husband as a provider for pageant clothes, and lived vicariously through her daughter.

I see the father as detatched from his entire family, as having no role socially with them because he didn’t do pagents, disconnected from his children but still protective over them and maybe unable to show emotional connections because he probably had very little.

With the recent confession from a known paedophile that lived near the family and had pictures of this little girl in his possession as well as making a shrine to her because the murder touched him deeply one would have to keep an open mind.

I think the family is guilty of extreme dysfunction and the mother and father probably had very guilty minds not because they killed her but because they exposed their daughter to this risk.

Mindy Wilson

At the very beginning when John says he did not kill his daughter Jon Benet, am I the only one seeing the multiple “yes” head nods as his head goes right to left when he speaks those words of denial? This is a great breakdown. There is something very wrong with this family.

Christine Mattice

I noticed that, too. To me, that says he was responsible in some way for his daughter’s murder.


Thanks so much for this Jon Benet video. I requested it a year or so ago. I don’t remember if this is the clip I sent in to you, but thanks also for showing the police officer and the brother. What a strange family; as you noted- something definitely missing as far as feelings, and, in the brother’s case- maturity.


Well done! I had the sense while this was actually going on that the investigators were hogtied throughout the entire case. You are right-we will never know and justice was not served. Tough the killing of children should be the most horrific crime and all force be brought to bear to find and punish the killers, it is disturbing to see so many cases unsolved and so many killers walk free. Casey Anthony is another one like this.


I would like to see a breakdown of the whole Anthony family.


Everything about this story is just heartbreaking.


I enjoyed this video. Great breakdown smile


At 1:40-41 … is that *regret* when he closes his mouth?


Great analysis. I think the female police officer (and others) had a gag order so she couldn’t really say much to the TV journalist interviewing her. She was left alone for hours with no back-up from the police, even though she kept calling for back-up.

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