Body Language – The Bernie Tiede Murder Case

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Is this shift from Positivity to Regret a likely engrained pattern?


Great choice with this video analysis.

The first time I watched this documentary my take on it was the old lady had possibly coerced him into an intimate type of relationship. Not necessarily sex but I think it was.

My reason for this conclusion was the reaction he gave when talking about his uncle being abusive and she was also being abusive.

He would not have felt like he could have said no to her advances and told her he was gay after she spent so much money on him. He is very submissive so for him to feel compelled into that kind of relationship is not too far fetched.

What would force him to be pushed to the point of shooting her in the back?
I thought it would definitely be abuse like the abuse from his childhood. He would never confess to sex with her as he would feel shame too deep for him to admit too.

I thought the granddaughter in black didn’t really like her grandmother…

Gina Clark

Thanks so much for doing this one, Mandy! I thought the whole story was fascinating.


Think you nailed it on his personality type. Have seen it before many times in the mental health system. The abuse victim-unresolved issues covered up with the obsequious, people pleasing persona, hiding the dark side and hidden unresolved sexual and victim-abuser dynamics. Then he snaps and likely would repeat the same cycle in some way. Unfortunately, the pattern is so ingrained in persons of his type that it is almost impossible to treat successfully beyond a certain age. I don’t even want to think about what is going on in prison, but unfortunately, I already did. Most likely, if his teen years were delved into there would be some kind of acting out showing a similar pattern of abuser-victim dynamics, and then other acting out during adulthood that we don’t know about yet. I don’t really buy the dissociation theory, but these individuals hide the rage behind the people pleasing persona with so much energy that when it comes out it can be pretty intense. Thanks for another great analysis. The crime ones are very interesting. The criminal mind can be fascinating. What most people do not understand, though, is that once the personality is fully formed, it is very unlikely to change. Past predicts future with these individuals.


you are right…past a certain age personalities dont change. I personally do believe puberty is the marker for that. Tramatic events can but its debatable on how long that last.


Agreed-even though brain development continues until the mid 20’s, personalities are pretty locked in by the early teens, and if there is early trauma, the brain ends up hard wired in self defense mode. That is why personality disorders are so difficult to treat. Thanks so much for all your hard work, Mandy, you are a true Patriot! Best wishes!

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