Body Language – Mind Of A Thief

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John Rogers

At the beginning you say that hes thinking of what is coming out of his mouth. I thought that was associated with looking to your right. However, this man is looking towards his left. Im confused. Is this video mirrored?

Also you say he is accessing the memory part of his brain when he is talking about going through alleys to enter back yards. However, the man is looking towards his right when talking about this. Am I mistaken or is this video mirrored?

J. D.

Is there a video on the Colorado guy that accused of murdering his wife because he said she choked the daughters? Thanks


I was fascinated by this analysis. Excellent. To see crime through the eyes of the thief is so revealing. I venture to say he may be the exception? I wonder. To see remorse was great. I also agree with one of the subscribers that drugs drove him to this. He did not seem to be the typical manipulative thief. Gives one a bit of hope!

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Charles Harris

Drug addiction can make people do a lot of things that they would never do otherwise.


Very interesting. Having worked with many criminals and thieves over the years, my observation is that their remorse and empathy is on a continuum and often compartmentalized. He has confident body language while he is talking about the details of his casing and entry techniques with a hint of pride. On the other hand tears up and is deflated when he touches on something he truly has shame and remorse over-stealing and fencing family heirloom jewelry that is irreplaceable, resulting in emotional pain to his victim. Then takes pains to point out that he tried to help the police recover the items when he realized what he had done and explains that his morals were impaired by drugs to point out that he is not as bad as he sounds. My guess would be that he has significantly less shame about cash and appliances he took that could be replaced. I will have to check out the full video, which Mr. No Name thoughtfully posted, to see if I am right or if he is sincerely trying to make amends. Always fun to study the criminal mind. Thanks, Mandy!


I wonder how much time he got off for doing this?
Lol… and he dobbed himself in as a snich when he said he told police where he offloaded the jewelry.

I will never trust an unknown jogger in the neighborhood.

I love how you pointed out the posture as the interview went on.

Renzo Fabriek

ok. Next time I will just walk.




Did you get banned from twitter??

David Cameneti

Great video, thanks for sharing!


why does he come off as a cop? lol this is an acting job


I don’t think so, because he keeps his hands off of the table and off camera, as if he is keeping handcuffs hidden. Only after about 5 minutes does he reveal the handcuffs, only to hide them again. I don’t think an actor would do that.


On two occasions I had law enforcement ask if I was a cop. I’m not but some of my behaviors and methods and habits might be similar. On one of the occasions I was using the phonetic alphabet (alpha; bravo; etc).

Renzo Fabriek

Nice one Mandy, thanks. It pretty much confirms what I thought when I saw this video a while ago.

I would recomend everyone to see the whole video. Very good tips on how to prevent burglary. Like a light on more in the back off the house instead in front. That way he can’t know for shure if someone is there or not.

Cheryl Cooper

Like he said drugs make people unfeeling. Too bad he probably would have been a very nice guy.


Hm… my conclusion was that he was a career thief that only got caught while doing drugs.
If he didn’t go off the rails then he was probably going to be a car salesman or conman in another trade.

Problem is that he is good looking, fit, presentable…. not the typical thief or scammer image that the media portrays.

I bet he would be the sort to steal him girlfriends savings….

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