Body Language – Murder Suspect Chris Watts

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Meegan Fixler

This guy is a psychopath! Such a horrific murder spree!

Brady Smith

I just noticed what looks like a scratch on his neck. Gawd he gives me the creeps

Brie Clayton

I think he’s on meth.


I joined a month ago and this story has really interested me. You are spot on with this clip, Mandy. The recent document and police interviews released show that his man has NO EMOTIONS. He mimics everyone he comes in contact with. He is so completely blank inside I believe he seriously thought he would get away with this even though nothing he did or said made sense. He latched on to a suggestion from investigators that his wife killed their children and in a rage he killed her and after describing how he disposed of the bodies he eats pizza, while a photo of his children is laying in front of him. Chilling!


Wouldn’t a sociopath lie better? Why is it that sociopaths suddenly have full emotional facility when they have no normal connection the humans they don’t care about?

Hot Cheese

Technically he is a psychopath not a sociopath?


He would be a wreck if he had nothing to do with it. This is not normal behaviour at all. Evil.


Interesting review by a psychologist.



he looks like he has a scratch on his neck

Joel Kennington

Love the commentary so much that I subscribed! Always known that body language was a big deal and wanted to know more. Thank you for providing this service!

Tyler Durden

So I signed up just a few minutes ago and Where do I go to watch the Videos.?


Thanks, Mandy. Sociopath. Another great poster boy for the electric chair. His story has totally changed from the time of this interview.


Not a tear…. none… and that is after he has killed his family.
That is scary!


Was having an affair.
He gave an Interesting excuse about killing her after she killed the kids.


They are waiting for dna results from the necks of the kids….
The video of him in court was telling. He sits there relaxed while they read out the charges and the womans father and childrens grandfather is a wreck.

I have a friend in the parole department and she said he best releases are accidental murderers. They are filled with grief and regret from the start and do everything in their power to make amends.

This guy has no grief or regret so I agree with Mandy that he has not loved his family for a long time.



He reminds me of Scott Peterson.


Yeah, he seems way too nonchalant and detached for waiting on word of his missing family.


yes…more worried about his story than anything else


Another monster…

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