Body Language – $50K to Whack Kurt Cobain

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So much more could’ve been done on this one!!
Diving in deeper to junkyard Joe’s story, diving in deeper to smack head Sally’s story (the nanny) and also about how SEVERAL people who spoke out about Kurt’s death were murdered.
I really hope you revisit this one and do a long video work up on the body language of all involved. It goes a lot deeper than just Kurt and that psychotic woman.


“Here we see the oppressive white male in his natural habitat.” I’m just dying!! crying

Kathleen Grigg

In fact… several people people were murdered surrounding Kurt’s death.. there was a massive coverup involving multiple people’s deaths. That’s why so many people were terrified to talk.

Kathleen Grigg

Kurt Cobain was murdered.


I remember hearing rumors at the time. That last girl was just whacked out-heroin, perhaps. Could not get a good look at her pupils. Wonder how many times the drunk guy living in a junkyard has gotten interviewed. Could be wrong, but that looks like a toilet on wheels in the background. New invention?

Kathleen Grigg

Don’t you know he was murdered days after this interview was taken?


Huh, I never heard any of this. Interesting…

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