Body Language – The Night Stalker

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Why do women fall in lust with these psychopaths. As a man, it feels like a cold betrayal.


Mandy, you are very intelligent. Thanks for the upload.

Los Angeles Attorney

“Intelligent” is an understatement: Mandy is proving to be very educated as much as she is briliantly intuitive.

Erin Lawlor

He was initially described as an altar boy. I’d bet anything he suffered abuse from a priest at a young age. How many people paid dearly for the crimes set off by sex abuse?


13 times – interesting – 13 is a number that is used by the Illuminati. They worship Satan… hence the image on Ramirez’ hand. I’m not surprised. They sell their souls to Satan for fame. Very sad indeed.


crazy evil


“No therapy to fix that” How true. I have seen my share of psychopaths. They all share the characteristic of having separated themselves from the rest of humanity, as you describe. Most share an arrogance where they derive power and satisfaction from being predators, while viewing the rest of us as prey. They only respect people who can outsmart them or they perceive as more powerful in some way. Regardless of whether you believe that they are born, made or a combination of both, once they are like that the only cure for it is death. Even as young teenagers they are already too far gone for anything to change them. Ramirez was probably more arrogant than most. Thanks for another great video.


I have a hard time believing their story. It just sounds like a story to excite you or whatever.


Nothing but ice behind those eyes.


cold individual

Tudor City Lady

I am a Silver Member and thought I heard Mr. NO Name invite this group of membership. I am unable to open and do appreciate your tip.


Did you manage to figure it out?

Tudor City Lady

I tried and could not… I used to be able to see them through a separate email. I sent out emails today.

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