Scared Strait – Dominance And Submission Mentalities

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Rob Christensen

Breaking a persons defenses in order to dominate and remold them in a socially acceptable way. Is that really necessary? Can’t we all just hold hands and get along, y’all?


So right about finding the weak spot. The hard ones are used to fighting off the direct approach. It is easy for them. I saw that episode when it originally aired. They reach a point where so much of their identity is wrapped up in the lifestyle they have latched onto in the absence of normal parenting, family life and positive modeling that there is no turning back. She says it at the end. She is 17, but I have seen them at the same point at 13. The only chance she would have is for her non-parent birth mother to miraculously change and move to Montana, and since her mother would have no control over her at 18, she would leave and return to the gang. It does no good to close the gate after the horse is gone. Part of the reason there is such a mess in Chicago is that in spite of the worst juvenile crime wave in the history of mankind, Illinois Juvenile Justice correctional facilities are running at 42 percent occupancy and the bed count has been drastically reduced. Judges are under the delusion that age determines whether somebody can be rehabilitated. When they are this far gone, the only way to stop them from preying on others is to lock them up.


Once your’e a jet, you’re a jet all the way. It’s sad that her destiny is set.

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