Sandy Hook – The Robbie Parker Press Conference

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look at his actions. the exact same techniques actors use getting ready for their performance. no tears. hes been in movies. no family pictures. he made lots of money. Asset. TOTAL HOAX.

Angela Jensen

So, I know this video looks and sounds bad but…. as a member of his same religion this type of response to death even 1 day after is not uncommon for LDS people. We are taught from an early age that we will be reunited with our loved ones after death and that when we die we go to a place of peace, love and rest until we can be together again. I have been to dozens of funerals, personally been with parents who have lost children and we find strength and support in our belief of Jesus Christ. That sustaining belief system helps in our darkest moments. And yes, to what may seem weird behavior to others not of our faith is normal to us. Do we cry, weep, yell or scream, yes, but we can also feel peace, love and comfort when others may think that isn’t possible. I have read and watched many interviews of this sweet family. Their sincerity in forgiving the shooter and grieving for his family is genuine. It is how our Savior would have acted and we strive to be like him. Just my two cents. I feel belief systems can alter our body language from what the norm is and I am positive that is what happened here.

Sheri Legeret

Mandy, I love your work. I subscribed to this channel specifically to watch this video. I live in Sandy Hook and I am always curious about what people have to say about 12.14 – I think most of the time you are 100% accurate about your read on people, but I wanted to add something about this. Could this guy possibly be a sociopath/narcissist? I wonder if someone trying to look like they have emotions that aren’t equipped with could give off the same results? I have no defense for the guy, it does look like bad acting, but I can assure you that this happened. If you ever have any questions about Sandy Hook, I encourage you to reach out to me – let me know and I will give you my contact info (or you can just look me up – my number is listed)!


Had no idea who Robbie Parker is and watched video with sound muted first go around. My initial thoughts: 1) this man is gay 2) lots of talking behind the eyelids (hiding) 3) wide-eyed ‘believe me’ looks 4) his lips said “family” several times 5) he was very well groomed and dressed in business attire – attorney?
When I discovered his daughter was a murder victim approximately 1 day prior, it shocked me. I’m not one to entertain conspiracy theories. I’ve seen many people grieve the death of children in my lifetime and how it manifests varies widely. But this was STRANGE. I feel guilty and confused.


i didnt either…now I know him as a useful tool.

Kathleen Grigg

A crisis actor?

Alfred Gomez

So was it confirmed that his child was not killed in sandy hook?

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