Jodi Ann Arias – The Murder Of Travis Victor

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+1 complement on your voice.

Tom Nova

One of my favorites. A lot going on here. I like your comment on boundaries. (In relationships)

Heidi Smith

I watched her sentencing statement and it really showed her crazy. She actually turned around and glared at someone who had a baby that made a noise. If looks could kill. She also told the judge that she remembers the knife cutting his neck and he was alive for it. Definitely said things to get at the family. Crazy!!!!


Thanks! Great video


You’re good Mandy!


Learned a lot. Seems like when I concentrate on the what the body is saying, I find myself not listening very well. ????


I’m exactly the same. I think it’s just practice and then you can understand it and you can do both.


I cannot view any of the videos shown on this page which came to my email. ????

Tudor City Lady

Neither can I….


this is a subscription page…. You have to be paying subscriber to see videos in Crimes series.

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