Edmund Emil Kemper III – American Serial Killer Who Murdered 10

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It’s ‘you and me’, not ‘you and I’

Lauren Adair

Your stuff is great. I like you! ♥️


“Had sex with her corpse,” and now I have to go to therapy. Thanks a lot sad


I was so glad to see that you are addressing serial killer behavior. I have studied serial killers for 30 years and Ed Kemper is my favorite. Why? Because he has so much insight into himself and he shares that insight openly and honestly. He truly wants people to learn from his situation. When tested, his IQ was 145, which is gifted/genius level. It is his intellectual intelligence that allows him to understand his emotions and motivations on a level that most average killers can’t. The reason Ed mentions the couple who was going on a date in the video you posted is because Ed had the head of one of his victims in a duffle bag that he was carrying at the time he encountered the couple. He later buried that head in the yard and positioned it so that it was “looking up” at his mother’s bedroom window because she always thought people should look up to her. When he killed his mother, he ripped her larynx out of her decapitated head and ran it through the garbage disposal. He did this because he could “never get her to shut up.” Poetic justice and pretty funny at the same time if you ask me. Ed has said that if he had just killed his mother first, he wouldn’t have killed anyone else. I have no doubt that is a true statement. I’ve always felt compassion for Ed Kemper (and Jeffrey Dahmer, as well). All Ed wanted was acceptance, love, and appreciation. Thanks for bringing his life into clearer focus.


Be careful about seeing what you want to see. What about all those people who struggle with much the same thing as this fellow did and do not murder? Should we find all those who had problems with their mothers and throw them into prison just to be safe? Your line of reasoning sounds compassionate but can you see how it might come across as threatening to others who have similar problems?

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