Jeniffer Pan – Hired Hitmen To Kill Parents

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Brie Clayton
Brie Clayton

I would be interested in hearing Mandy’s thoughts on what I call “Tiny voice”. The woman interviewed for Charles Manson Murders used tiny voice, as well as this girl Jennifer. I hear my teenage daughter used tiny voice when she wants to manipulate and get out of a situation, and it seems a common tool for women to use.


Wow! She received life in prison 25 years before probation is even offered. She is very self-centered. She has a younger brother. She took them away from him. If she were as smart as she thinks she is she would have known she wasn’t going to get away with it. She is now in a worse prison than she ever imagined her parents had her in.

Active Member

It amazes me how long a liar will hang on to their lie. Also amazing how oblivious a liar is, to the fact people are on to their game. There is a pathologic numbness to the injury their lie is causing to other people.

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