Body Language – OJ Simpson Confession

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Jeff Sharkey

Mandy, this video had something cut out. I saw the same video only it was a little longer and one or both of them claimed that the character “Charlie” is actually OJ’s “alter ego”. I guess he’s trying to claim that the alter ego did it. There was another interview in which he said he got to Nicole’s house, knocked both of the victims to the ground, and was holding a knife. Then he says the next thing he knew there was blood everywhere, but he “blanked out” during that period. Guilty as sin.

The big company I worked for back then decided that year that instead of doing the usual repetitive boring mandatory yearly training on the usual dumb political correctness,, they found a video that was created by some fairly serious public figures talking about ethics in general. Dennis Prager led it and there another 8 celebrities talking about ethics. One problem – O.J. was one of the celebrities who talked about ethics, and the tape had been made shortly before he murdered those two. The video production company did some very quick editting and replaced the tape with one cleansed of a double murderers advice on ethics. Too bad that it scared the company, and they went back to the standard mind numbing PC training from then on.

Kathleen Grigg

So much duping delight!

Theresa Coy

I am 100% he did it, maybe he had help, The glove comment “If the glove don’t fit you must aquite” is for the birds, leather shrinks & distorts after getting wet, I’m sure blood would do the same.. I  felt so much sadness for the kids..


Another possibility is that he was covering for his psycho son.

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