Body Language – Satanic Survivors

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Reviewing some of the older ones. Mandy, you really have a solid understanding of the minds of abuse survivors. You are spot on about the ones that become abusers versus those who are capable of escaping the cycle and fighting against it. Early in my career, I worked in a psychiatric hospital that housed a program run by a famous/now notorious psychiatrist who specialized in treating people diagnosed with MPD employing highly questionable treatment interventions including regressive therapy, lots of drugs and hypnosis. Those of us on the other units refused to interact with the staff who worked there, because we thought they were all crazy and reinforcing “repressed memories” which were artifacts of contagion among the patients, competition among them and basically ruining the lives of people who were already very confused. Meanwhile, on my unit we specialized in treating abuse survivors, some of whom were ritualistically abused and sent to us from other states for their own protection, probably during the same time frame your mom was telling you to stay in the house. Your analysis brought back memories of the small body language movements that many of them displayed, along with the cognitive dissonance of some of… Read more »

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Thank you, i think if i had become a therapist, the quackery of the medical community would have driven me mad. I am crazy enough. wink

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