Body Language – The Real Life Milgram Experiments. Feat. CVS Pharmacy

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What a fantastic comparison with the Milgram Experiment. Humans are scaring the s**t out of me.

Justin Moore

I don’t think I could’ve carried on. But I guess you never know until it happens to you.

Susan McCall

Very fascinating Mandy…

Back in the college days, some classes described the scenario that you have shown….another scenario/experiment was with two ‘criminals’…separated and then the authority figure said the other one ratted out his friend – just a way to get them both to ‘sing’.

Back in the days of delivering pizza (circa 2012), the young kids were just starting to be addicted to their phones… my calm and ‘authoritative’ voice, I said: “some day you won’t need to touch your phone….there will be some sort of chip in your brain”….they believed me.

Back in the day, if I was ‘outside’ smoking, odds were good that someone would say: “you know, those things will kill ya”….then I would say in my ‘tone’: “Yea, I’m looking into having some sort of lazer surgery that will zap the very part of my brain that will take away the craving”….they also took me serious.

I have done my own experiments and one in particular is just ‘holding a clipboard’….my gosh, that is a big game changer…I would bring clipboards to employee meetings to just freak out the bosses.

One day when working in a restaurant, a food inspector had come in to check…he, too, had a clipboard and a flashlight….then I recognized him from a party (the image of him dancing with his dog still cracks me up)…he recognized me too, but not too embarrassed. Other people in the restaurant were totally freaked out by his presence….and that clipboard.

If I put my hands on my hips (akimbo style), my husband gets very defensive so I try to hide my hands because I want him to focus on what I am saying rather than feel aggressive.

When I see commercials with the ‘white coats’ I usually blurt something out about that….I just can’t stand the white coat anymore….and the ‘tone’/attitude the actors use! Like nails on a board for me.

When a person is vulnerable, or gullible, it is amazing how they cower. But it is not fair when pysco’s take advantage of these people….kind of like ‘dismemberment specialists’ who deny the unborn feel any pain. And the “just doing my job” does not apply these days to vaxxed or not vaxxed and making a stand…like 80% of Airline Pilots.


Thank you. First I saw this and does explain a lot of what’s becoming more obvious today.

Jana Joy

As always Mandy… you rock! I’ve heard and read a little about this subject and your analysis of it is as usual spot on. Your videos have helped me to become more aware of not just what people are saying, but how they are saying it. Many blessings and great good health to you and your family! 🙏🏽👍🏼

Bradley Richardson

The premise is in error. It is not fear/concern or respect of an authority figure that is the driving force in these subjects, rather it is trust in the underlying systems of our reality. We conceive our world in such a way as to believe that no one would order fatal action in any test. Our mind rationalize the event as a trick of some kind but then doubt kicks in, forcing a questioning of our actions, depending on the level of trust we have in our systems, in our government This belief in our reality will determine how far we will go in compliance with orders. Before we can question an illegal order we have to accept that our world view is wrong or we need some well sold justification for the action. An example of this is in Nazi Germany where other humans were gassed, burned, shout what ever. Towns around the camps could smell the burning flesh, yet the residence held fast to the belief in their reality that it could not be. This mentality is evidenced in the recorded statements made at the time and also by the liberation army upon interview of the population.


My God Mandy…To me this was super ingenious and courageous of you to come out with this combination of these two videos and your comments on them. It has so much potential for so many realizations so needed by all of us (in my opinion ) right now..Or at least for ME. I think this is the best video (for me) that i ever watched from you, the most thought provoking, and possibly the best video for the whole world to see right now ..if they only would.
I cried. If ANYTHING can get the message across of what i feel inside for our world right now and in these last three years …this does it. How hard it is to talk to people on this subject now is baffling and depressing until i saw this. To see the pharmacist actually RESPECT her questioning…even though it was a humbling for him …because most of them WON’T at all. This leaves so many more questions though too and so much more to learn. If this is humanity ..that we will harm another to save face…and if that is what is going on right now and all the deeper and more superficial aspects of what that IS …we are LOST.
I know that it’s easy to just judge the other side, the other person, in any position we take, and then whether we find ourselves judging or not to ultimately see how we have the same weaknesses we have to conquer that we see in someone else that is just more obvious than the same trait is in us (if it is). That’s where i think we have to come to a place we must break down these barriers and be so focused to not force but emotionally compell the other to listen and answer our questions and to not be afraid to challenge or be challenged and listen and answer honestly as well. Just as he and she did. And then it can’t stop there. it’s only a beginning. It seems it has to come to that but will it? Or am i wrong? Will we make it ? Will we keep going? or are we doomed? When in the “experiment” the participants who were “shocking” the “students” were told they were NOT actually…they were just RELIEVED. What about the introspection needed to question themselves further on who they are that would have DONE THAT and WHY?
Would i have done that? i think not, knowing myself pretty well but it’s still so easy to think that sitting on the sidelines watching. ..and knowing that what we do know about ourselves is still not what’s in our unconscious…and IS it just being pushed far enough out of our own comfort zone will we just succumb to any pressure no matter what it is asking of us…if our survival is at stake…and for some loss of identity …is related to where is it in each of us? Are any of us safe to never trade in morality for anything else?Could what we are living in now really just be about THAT.? AND Finding where we are …each of us …to SAVE ourselves…not to be saved ..but to be our own savior…or keep selling out in our lives. to someone and something. Can we even ever see it clear as it is watching this video?


I don’t remember the names and dates of a trial at Nuremberg when a defendant, a guard, was marched into the courtroom. A former prisoner, who was to testify, fell to the ground sobbing when he saw the guard for the first time in decades. A reporter later asked the witness questions about the memories it invoked and if that was the reason for the breakdown. The witness said no, it was the shock of looking into that face and realizing that he was made of the same stuff the guard was.

Mickey Dacosta

WOW !!!

Again am left dumb founded,
not surprising this is all new to me.
I heard before knowledge dispels fear
which is what I learn from these explained videos.
though sadly am now realizing it also increases sorrow.
Excellent video – the last half of the video with doctor
shook me to the core !!!
I want to say, Thank you for the Accidental Awakening,
In stead I will say – Thank you for the AWAKENING !!!
PS – This Video Nailed It !!!


Thanks, Mandy. You have illustrated something very important here. Many have been victimized by a mass formation psychosis. Though it is nothing new, (think witch hunts, the holocaust, the emergence of totalitarian dictatorships) it has taken a new form in the use of a medical tyranny, and has the new more effective tools of social media to carry it out. Those who want a brief summary of how it works might want to check out a video on the You Tube channel “Academy of Ideas” called “A Killing of the Mind”. Those who are more curious might want to read “Rape of the Mind” by Joost Meerloo. A more current clinical psychologist/statistician named Mattias Desmet, has made several videos describing the current situation. I would suggest people check them out before they are suppressed.


Thanks, Rhys. I was blessed in the 70’s to have a Social Psychology Professor who was a holocaust survivor and who introduced us to the Asch and Milgram experiments, as well as the works of Viktor Frankl. I probably learned more from her than anybody. She had a passion to figure out how humans can be manipulated and pushed into inhuman behavior. Since I spent most of my career dealing with people on the psychopathic spectrum, it was knowledge that was invaluable. This is very timely. I found it interesting that it took Desmet several months to figure out that he was in the middle of a mass formation, even though he is the foremost expert in it.


Shows how vulnerable we all are to these demons unless we all question everything. I agree that more are waking up, but it is hard for those who have loved ones who are victims. I have been name called by thousands so it doesn’t bother me, but I understand how civilians feel.


In this case, staying with the group and not getting ostracized from that group is not exactly being a nice person.

mito mito

is that paul kalkbrenner?

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