Body Language – Derren Brown, Behavior Pattern Anomalies


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f4ct f1nd3r

Hi !

I just noticed that youtube deleted your account (previously they demonetized your account back when you were popular and probably getting a lot of video hits and youtube paychecks in the mail).. so anyway which videos did ‘they’ have a bone to pick with? Or is it just that they’ve gone full political and they think nazi-style censorship of ” republican youtubers ” will garner more democrat votes in the next election/s ? Or is it something else like they don’t want to believe in the existence of analytical body language or intuitive body language, since ‘they’ want to believe that human lying is undetectable ? (key word is “want to believe”) … not really expecting an answer, although just posting my questions anyway.


I have been watching Mandy’s videos for just over a year, and as everyone reading this knows, is she both highly entertaining and informative. This video is so impressive that I had to register to leave a comment thanking her. Mandy takes video of a megalomaniac and explains his mentalist “con” to such a high degree of certainty that it truly underscores her talented gifts. Mandy is a trailblazer because there is no college major that can teach what she possesses and no job that will train to a level of professionalism that she has. Imagine how amazing this world would be if everyone could explore, expand, and express their individual gifts as Mandy. She is blessed, and because she shares, so are we.

Mickey Dacosta

your Spot On !!!

i now learned to be my self regardless,
i now under stand the human body cant lie,
i now also realize i wish i knew this when i was younger,,,

better late then never i guess,

this web page is so Amazing !!!

I now always make a ‘Conscious’ effort to always FLY STRAIT !!!

thought i share that with U !!!

f4ct f1nd3r

nice story, pal

Eileen Guthrie

He’s using psychology and human behavior, I knew immediately the lie was number three, it’s the only one he didn’t keep direct eye contact with him… which means this guy has a conscience and could NEVER run for political office unless he was a better liar.
When my parents would be shopping around for a new car, they would bring me so I could tell them what the lie was. I was blowing a deal for this one salesmen. He went so far as to use his boss to get rid of me pretending he was getting a deal approval. I wasn’t buying the managers actions either. There was this shady car dealership who would place ads in Friday night newspapers. Some amazing deal that never existed. Five cars, zero mileage for $10,000 off the ticket price. We would get there an hour before they opened, we were the first in line and all the cars were already sold. I told my parents they were lying, they NEVER existed. Let’s get out of here their liars and I’m hungry. It worked every time. I love messing with them.
If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. I did the same thing when we brought a new house. You don’t tell a potential buyer how desperate the seller is. The owner never lived in the house, he was transferred to Utah because the works still wasn’t finished, the builder was still working on it. He was paying two mortgages; he needed a quick fix. I could tell the real estate agents body language how low the owner was willing to go. The house was listed at $225,000, based on the body language, their “tells.” of the real estate agent that they were willing to take $200,000 for the house and that’s what my parents offered and he accepted it immediately, we didn’t need to haggle over the price because the agent gave away what the lowest price he would accept and the asking price drove away potential buyers. It’s not rocket science, it’s human behavior. He lost $10,000 in the deal too. He paid $210,000 for the house and was hoping to profit from it. It had been on the market for 9 -10 months and he was desperate.


The split screen was really helpful, Rhys. Similar technique used by crooked psychics, though he is slightly more open about what he is doing.

Eileen Guthrie

That’s not hard either, psychics already know a person is desperate by the time they reach out to these types of phony people. I only know of two true psychic who have the gift, the rest are just reading body language and fishing. My girlfriend went to a local psychic, I told her it was a waste of money. She broke up with her boyfriend of two years, a worthless piece of shit who lived off her income and only her income. He still lived with his parents, need I say more? He dumped her when she was 23, right after she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and her boyfriend thought this was the best time to break up with her, when she was at her most vulnerable, emotional time. She had just gotten her first treatment, so she was feeling really sick.  These are not good or decent people.
I was with her, when that loser showed up to pick up some of his belongings, THAT SHE HAD PAID FOR. I told him to get the fuck out of here, she was living with her parents during her chemo treatments just in case. Her parents called me asked me to come over for the day. She was down, feeling dejected and I knew she was scared, because the unknown is scary. When I got to her house and went into her bedroom there were about 10 books on the floor on suicide and that scared her parents, they knew I had a psychology background. 
They asked me what I thought. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, it’s okay we what to know what you think. Usually, people who plan to commit suicide just do it, they don’t read books on it. This is more about her ex-boyfriend who dumped her because she got sick than the cancer itself, she saw herself as damaged goods. When he showed up at her house while I was there, he bought his new girlfriend with him. Talk about being classless. This was two days after he broke up with her, he had lined up his next meal ticket, he needed someone else to pay for everything. He was on their front yard screaming he wanted his “stuff” back. Her parents went to her room, she was hysterical and crying uncontrollably. I went outside and told him to leave, or I’ll call the police. I want my stuff. What stuff are you talking about? Oh, the stuff Sherri bought for you. We’ll look for it and come by tomorrow afternoon, we’ll leave out by the mailbox and will leave it outside for you to take. Do not step on her property.
We gather up “his things” and left them out by their mailbox, it started to rain, pretty heavily and her dad said let’s put it in the garage. I told him no, leave them where they are. We told him we would put his things by the mailbox, we NEVER told him in what condition they would be in. Her dad laughed; okay it works for me. When he came back for his “stuff” he wasn’t happy. I warned his new girlfriend, he’s going to suck you dry, that’s what he does.  He told me to shut up. No, I’m not, she needs to know what kind of person you are and that you use people. I asked her, have you gone out to eat? Yes, and you paid for everything, right? Yes, what activities have you done. Clothes shopping and who paid for the new clothes, I did. Has he paid for anything so far in your short relationship? No, need I say anything more.
All this stuff was going on in her life at the time of her treatments. She needed to be in a positive place and surrounded by positive people with positive energy. No negative Nancy need apply. I hooked her up with some of her high school friends and we are ALL positive people. She beat the cancer and we took her to Cancun for a week and had a blast. She still saw herself as damaged goods and she ended up going to a local psychic, $30 bucks for a half hour session. I went with her and I knew the psychic wasn’t real. She told Sherri that I was “blocking” her energy because I didn’t believe in her gift.
She did this once a month for 6 months. First time, she left her wallet on the table when she was giving her the money, her first reading. Put your wallet away and take the money out first before you go inside. You could get a recording of the session for an additional $5. We listened to the tape in her car, and I told her what the psychic was doing. By the 6th month Sherri realized I was right all along and stopped going. She was told she’s going to meet the man she’ll marry; he’s going to live near or works near a body of water, her parents’ house has a body of water behind it… it’s called the Delaware River, we used to go fishing there when we were younger. We lived in a county with two large lakes, the Raritan river, thousands of streams so we are surrounded0 by water… What luck!! I saw her look at Sherri’s drivers license, she had to know the area… she was a local.
That’s why she didn’t want me to be there. I knew what she was doing, and it freaked her out and I went with her every time. I told Sherri she’s watching for your reaction to the things she says, she’s looking for your response too them. Wear your sunglasses if she demands you take them off, tell her you can’t you just got over pink eye and your eyes are still sensitive to the light.  Show no emotions during the reading. She finally saw what I saw. 
They read our pupils, our pupils get bigger or smaller, depending on the amount of light. It’s all of these things these fake psychics do, when they hold her hand, they’re looking for how fast or slow your pulse is. All they are doing is waiting for an unconscious reaction to it. One of the rare true psychics, he’s a man and I believe he has the “gift.” He does a lot of work for the organization the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and he doesn’t charge for his services, whether its from the organization or the family of a missing child, he never charges for his services. The other one was a woman who passed away in 2013.
One of the biggest phonies is John Edwards and that woman from the TLC show, the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. They go fishing, they do this thing… I’m looking for a person who has a daughter or son, cousins, mothers, father, aunt or uncle whose first name starts with a J or M. In the US the most popular first names start with a J or M. In an audience of 250 or 300 people at least 10% or more would know someone with a J or M. They are taking advantage of a grieving family and that disgusting.
People want so much to believe that their family member is in a better place and I don’t like it when these phonies exploit people’s grief for money. Theresa does these large sessions, usually 3 session with an audience of 300 for “special” shows.  My girlfriend went with her sister to one of these open sessions. Her mom died suddenly, she wasn’t sick, she had a stroke and died. She actually worked in the health field. I told them not to do it. Everything I told them that would happen, happened. Her mom’s first name started with the letter M, but no one called her by it, she went by another name, her middle name was Lee, that’s the name everyone used. Theresa was telling them what they wanted to hear. What’s wrong with that? Well, when she charges $200 for a private session, it does matter to me. Her family was not wealthy, far from it. Theresa drives a brand-new expensive SUV, and she wears four or 5-inch, crystal-studded Christian Louboutin heels. I don’t know of a Louboutin shoes for less than $3,000. She claims to own 31 pairs. Do the math. She’s making these people pay for her lifestyle. Because of COVID, her show was cancelled.


That’s quite a story, Eileen! God blesses your friend by having you in her life. I know from what you wrote that this took place in NJ. Was that “psychic” in Middlesex County? Someone took me tfor a psychic reading in Monmouth County by a woman from Middlesex County. The woman who took me was hoping for a message from her recently deceased mother. She was told it was “too soon” for her mother to come across. (I know that was bull dung.) She charged $35 and you could get a cassette tape of the reading for an additional $5. You could also follow up by phone, for a small charge. She was definitely looking for “tells” and I gave her very few. At that time I was concerned about a health issue that I told no one about, but I did ask this “psychic” if I should be concerned about any health issues. Nope. I was fine and would stay healthy for the rest of my life. Ha! Turns out about 2 years later that I had cancer and the issue I was worried about was a warning sign.

Yes, there are some people who are tuned in to a higher level and can sense things. But they don’t even think about make a living off of it and they don’t accept money or anything else for whatever insights they may give someone. If you don’t mind my asking, are you still in NJ?


Your friend was fortunate to have a good friend with backbone to help her through a tough time, Eileen. Having spent my whole career in the mental health field, and seen desperation of all kinds, it is surprising to me that the law allows people who are desperate to be preyed on by these cons. In order to get to one of the hospitals I worked at, I had to drive by a strip mall every day. It contained a massage parlor, a tattoo parlor, a smoke shop and a psychic storefront. In my neck of the woods, these operations are the last vestige of mob operated businesses, either operated directly by organized crime or paying a street tax to somebody connected. Thankfully, the building was torn down and replaced by a big warehouse. Of course, here in Illinois, the state has taken over most rackets formerly run by organized crime. I’m surprised they have not thought of licensing and regulating psychics to take their cut.

Mickey Dacosta

Dear Mandy,

Thank U both for explaining this video,

you have proven to me once again with out a doubt,
I AM AN IDIOT Duuuu lol Really !!!

i haven’t lied to any one ever since i started
watching your videos, any one who knows
body language etc that is lol… duuu

PS – Both of U really scare the crap out of me, lol lol Really…

PSS – i feel blessed & am forever grateful i found
your Bombards Body Language web page,
Thank U 4 my accidental awakening !!!

PSSS – it was really nice to see both of you
do the video,
at one point i thought i was watching the news, lol
would love to see both of you do some
thing like the news, lol

it was good, accurate & Funny as Beeeep…lol

2 thumbs up !!!
OMG its almost 2 am.
off 2 buy 2 lottery tickets i guess,lol

Eileen Guthrie

Your not an idiot, I ‘d say you were naive about the ways of the world and human behavior. You have to look for people’s “tells” and watch how they react. The last guy was avoiding eye contact immediately, very aware that the other two chose 3 and 2, he was going to lie immediately in the hopes of fooling the mentalist. This isn’t brain surgery, it’s human behavior.


That “mentalist” fella really does think highly of himself. That’s *his* body language, lol. 😁

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