Body Language – The Bob Lazar Interviews – Part 1


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At 20:20, he should demonstrate body language of being offended like he was physically violated. He should have tensed up to protect himself.


Hot Topic! This was fascinating. Really enjoyed it. And so did a lot of people. I couldn’t help notice YT was abuzz from this post – Nicely done! I’ve never seen such a response. Congrats – I think you hit a home run. So many saying they’d been hoping or waiting for this one. I’m going to look into this more to catch up on the topic before part 2, which I can hardly wait for. I vaguely remember this from years ago, which kinda surprises me bc I very much enjoy this topic (like Barney & Betty Hill’s testimony). I enjoyed your analysis on this. Thank you Mandy. (Like the new appearance here) PS. If anyone has a recommendation to watch on Lazar, please share – Thanks!

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Bryan King

Lorna I remember watching Bob Lazar on the Joe Rogan show 2 or 3 years ago.
The interview lasted over 2 hours as I recall, and Joe Rogan pretty much asks the questions everyone would want to ask.
My feeling after watching it was somewhat like Mandy’s – whatever the truth is, Bob Lazar believes he is speaking it.

The authorities are apparently still watching Mr.Lazar very closely (they seem to think he has something which belongs to them), which I think adds quite a lot of credence to his story.

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Thank you, Bryan. Coincidentally, that happens to be the one interview I watched after I posted this. My feeling also was he seemed to be telling the truth as he sees it.


Anytime a Wikipedia post starts out with stating a person is a “Conspiracy Theorist” or includes the words “ discredited by experts” or “ has been debunked by skeptics” you are witnessing a likely government cover up aided and abetted by their propaganda arm, the media. Glad you are sharing this with everyone after putting it on “Interesting Minds” last year. Anybody who goes to work for clandestine operations for the agency or military intelligence are subject to being “depersoned” including having their birth certificate marked “died in childbirth”. The fact that Lazar alluded to an element being used for propulsion, whose atomic number did not exist until it was synthesized later, indicates that he has credibility along with his body language. The fact that he was allowed to live shows how confident the string pullers are in their ability to use psychological operations on the public.


This subject fascinates me. Back in December I read an article in The Jerusalem Post that anyone here interested in what Bob Lazar is saying should definitely read. It contains info given by a former head of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Space Division and reveals that a “Galactic Federation” exists, but it’s being kept secret so as not to freak everybody out. He claims that Pres. Trump knew about it and was going to reveal it to us, but the Federation stopped him from doing so. Sorry this sounds like Star Trek, but I tend to believe it. Can’t wait for Part 2, Mandy! Thanks for doing this!


Your Welcome Nonna. i also find the subject very fascinating. I personally have seen 2 objects that i can not explain. I have a witness for the 1st sighting. the second one, I only saw it. its freaky and exciting to see them. Like being in an exclusive club. Listening to clif high about his propulsion tech that he is working on makes me think it is our tech or as you say could be the ‘federation’. its unnerving to have something so advanced and knowing that you rely on their compassion towards you, to not destroy you.


Thank you Nonna for posting the article’s link. Fascinates me too. Going to watch it now. You mentioning Trump made me think of his interview with Don Jr asking his dad about this topic in an interview (Mandy did a good episode on it). Yes, Part 2… Get the popcorn ready.

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