Body Language – Clarence Thomas Take Down Attempt


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the Maestro

Sickening woman

Natalie F

I remember watching bits and pieces of these hearings. I was relatively young and uninterested and only remember wondering how a pubic hair on a coke can was grounds to destroy a man’s career. Still not sure what that was all about but I do remember it having some significance. I’ve looked back through some of the videos of this hearing after the Kavanaugh hoax. These cases are very similar. I don’t know why, but for some reason I think both of the accusers, Thomas’s and Kavanaugh’s, were rejected by them on some level. Thomas clearly knew and remembered Hill, whereas Kavanaugh didn’t seem to remember his accuser much if at all if I recall correctly. Obviously, the Kavanaugh accusations were more serious, but none of the facts support either of the women’s charges. In the real world they wouldn’t make it past a grand jury. 🙄 Can you imagine if Republicans went after a BLACK Supreme court nominee the way Dems went after Thomas on the evidence presented against him?? The hypocrisy is too much!
On a side note, how ironic that creepy Joe is residing over and standing in judgement of a sexual assault accusee. I wonder if this was around the same time he was sexually assaulting his colleague. Oh, and we have Ted Kennedy too?? Did he not think evidence to support these accusations would be necessary or did he just figure he’d drive off that bridge when he got to it? 40 years later and most of the same idiots are still running this circus unless they’ve died! God help us!


My parents were both conservative but I went to a Marxist brainwashing school, to which my parents sent me, and told me that I had to get good grades because reasons. Well, they didn’t like the democrats and reviled them. I asked them questions from the false platitudes my naive mind unsuspectingly accepted from my Marxist indoctrination and I did not like the whiplash I got from them. I felt really hurt by them, and knew that I cannot trust them. If they don’t like what I have to say, I’m going to get it.
Now I understand why they hate the democrats. They did the same garbage then as they did now. Nothing new under the sun.

Eileen Guthrie

Oh, I remember this very clearly as I do with the raging “senate” lion, Teddy Kennedy when he savaged Judge Robert Bork. THIS IS BORK’S AMERICA and pounding his fist on the table. The ridiculousness of the thought of going through all of his video choices, was over the top. I was more interested in Kennedy’s video choices because I bet there was a lot of porn. Ah, but I digress. As a psychologist, I study patterns in human behavior, and this is what liberals do. They demonized their political opponents; especially conservative and Christian conservatives and they throw out their labels. And I think we all know how much they love their false labels, right? Liberals don’t want conservatives on the bench, but especially on the Supreme Court. We saw what happened to Judge Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh, that excepting someone’s word with no evidence to support their claims, but we must always believe them. All of these women were so ridiculous, absurd and laughable, but all the liberals believe, as any Judge who actually rule by the US Constitution and NOT from the liberal playbook. If this was a real court case it would be thrown out by a judge for the lack of evidence and based on “hearsay.” They had years to file charges with law enforcement or file a suit in civil court. They chose not to because their cases were weak. But God forbid if it’s claims about a democrat, they are savaged in the press, mocked and ridiculed as we have seen from Joe Biden and Bill Clinton or they refuse to cover their complaints. You must ALWAYS protect the pedophile and rapist over women and children complaints, so imagine that they are willing to protect leeches like Biden and Clinton from ever being charged with a crime. It’s no wonder they want to defund the police. Protect the criminals and not their victims.


Yes, congress has been corrupted for a very long time. And this hearing can be found filed under “fake” as so many other congressional meetings, etc. are. Thank you for the definitive reading on this.


Thank you Mandy for reviewing Hill’s testimony – I saw her memorized speech with no emotion. So glad your evaluation noted the same. Yes this was the first Kavanaugh attempt – Thomas was so anti what the democrat establishment wanted on the Court – an African Conservative Originalist judge- it drive them crazy to this day.

Gen. Stewart

I followed this in real time; They were both so convincing. It just depended on who was speaking as to who I believed. I had also followed Ted Kennedy’s cover-up of Copeckney’s MURDER. It was disgusting to see him in this video,sitting in judgement of Mr. Thomas again. I had worked ten hours on the day that Ted Kennedy died. I was sitting on the bed,just resting before a shower. I didn’t think I had any energy left in me. I turned on the t.v.and the announcement was being made.I literally had a burst of energy and got up,and did a Irish Jig. LOL

Susan McCall

Just seeing a glimpse of kennedy was enough to go and take a shower…ughhhhhh……since it is very confusing times right now, I don’t know who’s innocent or who’s guilty. All of this took place before I became interested in politics (I started to pay attention in ’09). All I know, or feel, is that I have been through a lot worse – doesn’t make me better than some women – it just looks like cream puff land when I think about some of my abuses and this is an example of why I don’t feel much empathy. Sorry Anita…..I think you might have misconstrued some things back then.


When it was his turn, Biden went after Thomas. I wish you’d examine some of those exchanges..


I watched the NPR special from a month or so ago. Biden showed what a supreme jerk he is ,, with his constant .. ” You know what I mean” comments.
Clarence Thomas had no idea what the bungling Biden was talking about.

You’re right – not much has changed in the crooked politicians in DC – and lo and behold – Groping Ol’ Joe is still there for another run and the presidency. The FBi is still carrying water for someones agenda, and women still can smear someone about sexual encounters and aren’t questioned honesty from those with agendas.


I have pretty vivid memories of hearing this testimony live, since it was the moment I woke up to the fake media and the use of sex and race to manipulate the public to gain power. I was innocently driving to a lake to go walleye fishing, listening to the hearing. By the time I got there, my blood was boiling so intensely that I went through the motions of fishing, but more importantly never trusted the media nor congress again. Even without the body language the flat monotone emotionless reading of a clearly prepared statement was obviously false.


WOW ..what a beautifully stated confirmation of Many’s analysis even though it/she does not need that confirmation…as well as it speaks for itself…Thank u ..i appreciate this input.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
So she was a willing tool for the democrats.


A woman’s scorn is entirely over-rated. The cliche sounds good but hell’s fury is far, far worse than any female could even dream. And, that says a great deal. Were it not for media infestation, non of this kind of bullshit would have any teeth whatsoever. Bret Kavanaugh can tell you that. The main problem in America then and now is and has been corrupt media. Same shit, different decade. And, it doesn’t matter if it’s Walter Kryptonite, Dan Slither or Rachel Madcow . . . they’re all cut from the same cloth.

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