Body Language – Trump, Aliens & Area 51


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Bryan Gordon

I don’t think Trump knows anything about UFOs & aliens, just the weapon stuff from area 51.

Lots of claims but this guy put up evidence that a UFO contactee knew a long time ago there’s gonna be civil wars here and coronavirus.


Crazy picture but maybe Mandy will analyze cause seems like proof.


Just like with the Kennedy assassination. All he had to do there was nothing. Instead, he took action to prevent disclosure. Funny how government always demand our transparency, but they prefer to classify almost all they know.


I remember when Jimmy Carter promised he would look into Roswell and reveal to the American people what he found out. Turns out Carter was allowed to know very little information about it, as the Project was always kept secret even from sitting presidents. Carter went into a deep depression for a while just after finding out whatever little he did and I don’t recall that he told us anything about what he found out. The contrast between Trump and Carter on the subject is striking. What’s up with that? Also, I would think Trump had the questions, or at least the topics, in advance of this interview but, it doesn’t look like that’s the case in this clip.

Gen. Stewart

President Trump is a pragmatist; He deals in realities. Anything other than that is a novelty to people with that mindset.

SL Yim

thanks Mandy, it is great to see Trump answer this question.


Thanks Mandy! He knows roswell. He’s not telling. Jr seems as likeable as his dad.
Same sense of humor. In the beginning of the interview Don Jr asks “which one of your five kids is your favorite and why is it ivanka?”.
Did anyone see the ending where pdjt got up from the chair and walked off? Seemed distant between the two father son… body language speaking


I think at the end when he leans over to his right, he’s looking at someone off camera, and he says ‘right’. Awesome analysis, as usual!


Thanks! I loved seeing his face light up for a change.


The smile and moving to the side says it all. Perhaps he will introduce us all to a few aliens at the rally in Tulsa.


That look on his face: ‘Oh, I wish I could tell ya …’ Funny.


So nice to have a President that sounds like your just talking to a friend. He does think the whole alien thing is hilarious.


Thanks for reviewing this snippet, Mandy. Was a fun one! Also enjoyed watching the interaction between the two Dons! Also uncharacteristic of POTUS to avoid eye contact, especially with one of his children (and junior!). I also wonder how much Jr. knows about area 51, etc. 🤔

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