Body Language – Bill Gates Rocking


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Richard Stefans

I wonder if he will rock like that when he’s in the dock on Judgement day?


Thanks Mandy. He looks completely disheveled. His collar isn’t laying flat, his hair seems uncombed, his behavior seems childish not like a man. He’s more polished now but, there is something high level disturbing about him.

Patrick Archer

I’m surprised you haven’t looked at Fao Chi or Fuaci. The little big man of the hour. He comes across to me as sneaky, effeminate, and possibly homo. I don’t think Pence likes him. Of course, I’m not an expert at reading the body language.

Patrick Archer

Never mind. I see you did look at him.


If you want the truth about the traitor and all around rat bastard Fauci check out the video Plandemic part 1. You tube keeps pulling it but people keep reposting it. Check it out there or on Bitchute. Judy Mirkovits is the doctor in the video. I personally believe her. He is a creep, who at best is an opportunistic thief with a conflict of interest and at worst engineered and funded this epidemic.


I did not find this funny at all.
The man with the camera was not within his “rights.” He was harassing the police man, and threatening him.
I’m not sure what the laws are regarding videoing people without their permission and then putting that online, but it makes sense that there have to be laws in place.
Imo, the man recording everything is some cocky hipster who likes to bully people.
And if you think it’s funny cuz the cop got a little of his own medicine, then you r not looking at the big picture.
There are enough cop-haters out there and if this guy was serious about corruption (which i am sure was just a scare tactic), then he needs to investigate the person responsible for his beard!

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.

frank papandrea

is he davening?

Traci Stotler


Freckle Juice

Why can’t I find the previous 10 minutes anywhere? This deposition is uploaded to YouTube but the previous 10 minutes are scrubbed.


I would like to inflict some high stress on him to see if the rocking returns.

John Orban

Bill Gates is a sociopath.

Gen. Stewart

Have you seen the picture of him in 1963 ? He is in a dress with lea tards holding balloons. Sorry ,don’t know how to spell liatards. This guy is seriously mental.


That was interesting. Does anyone recall what was going on with Gates back in 1998? He sure wasn’t his cocky self at that interview.

Jarlath O'Brien

The DOJ was accusing Microsoft of anti-trust issues. The company was sued by the DOJ and 20 states.


Thank you! That does explain it.


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