Body Language – Robert F Kennedy Assassination & Hypnosis

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Mandy you are a National treasure! This is excellent (and so scary)


Body Language – Robert F Kennedy Assassination & Hypnosis
August 22, 2019
You do not have access to this content. You need the appropriate subscription, either Gold or Silver depending on the content you are trying to view.——————-YES I DO DAMN IT. And I want to see this. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i AM GOLD LEVEL WHAT THE ACTUAL…..


It’s saying the same thing for me too. sad I am gold as well.


Thanks! I once was blind..but now I see… kek!

Rob Christensen

This is scary. We truly live in a society.


this is very scary


Multiple shooters are not required to kill a man, especially at close range. Nor are multiple shooters required to kill as man at long range. Anwar Sadat would be the exception.


In the deep hypnosis technique I use for my clients, there is an interesting phenomena that occurs. Upon emerging from the hypnosis, it feels like you remember everything, exactly how it occurred, although you don’t. I started asking my clients to tell me about what happened in the scene they were shown by their Higher Self. I did this for 8 clients. They all said the information or sequence of events backwards. It doesn’t matter if the client remembers or not, because the hypnosis session is audio recorded and the client receives a copy of the recording before they leave my office.

Also, there are different types of hypnosis techniques. Probably the most interesting thing about hypnosis is we are in it most of the day and don’t realize it. Every single client, over the past 5 years, has missed an exit on the freeway or missed a road they usually turn onto, because they were in hypnosis. In fact, a couple of months ago, I missed the street my parents live on for the past 41 years!

Thank you Mandy for this analysis. Always a delight to hear your insights and catches.


thank you! i swear i think I “hypnosis” to being a mom sometimes. The boys have mentioned conversation we have and I have no clue. its also why i trained myself to say no lol


Galileo, can a person get “accidentally” hypnotized while watching another person be hypnotized?


Yes. Hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Hypnosis is relaxation. Hypnosis requires your permission. No one can make you go into hypnosis without your permission. Listening to a hypnotist give an induction that is very gentle and comforting, like the one I use in my work, can cause another person to go into hypnosis. This is why my sessions are private. Doing group hypnosis is different. I facilitate those sessions too.

For example, to illustrate how permission is given without consciously saying, “hypnotize me”:

In 1994, I attended the Forensic Medical Investigation Course presented by the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office. Basically, this was a four day course in death investigation, and it did include child rape forensic examination.

On one of the days, an expert from the Phoenix Crime Lab gave us a presentation on ballistics. (What happens to the bullet as it enters and exits the human body, and vice versa) The presentation was at 1pm. Our bellies were full with a delicious lunch, the lights were low so we could see the slides, and the expert spoke in a melodic tone, with up and down inflections. He spoke in a rhythm that put me not only into deep hypnosis, but all the way to sleep. My head kept bobbing up and down from awake, then back down to sleep and back awake. Over and over.

After the lecture, I apologized to the homicide detective sitting behind me, for my head bobbing disturbing him. He responded: “You didn’t bother me at all, because I was passed out cold.” We had a good laugh.

So what happened? The environment was conducive for relaxation, therefore, hypnosis. The blood in your body goes to your stomach and intestines to digest the food, diverting most of the blood from your brain, slowing the processes. The lights were dimmed to simulate night time, or at least a relaxed atmosphere. The presenter talked in a hypnotic voice. I wasn’t too interested in bullets, so subconsciously, I gave myself permission to be hypnotized.


Thank you Galileo! It reminds and confirms what cult experts say happens inside mind control groups. Even groups that demonize hypnotism regularly do it to their members! They almost always talk and are encouraged to talk in that soft sing song way during presentations.


You’re welcome Bodylanguageisfascinating. I remember when I taught new graduate nurses in a six-week New Graduate Nurse program in the hospital, most of the seventeen nurses fell asleep after lunch, even though I was standing up, moving around, demonstrating equipment, explaining techniques and procedures, etc. A great group of nurses who received positions in the hospital. Those were the fun days! smile


If you look at the crime scene examination, it is pretty clear that there were two shooters with two different caliber weapons. More bullet holes in the walls than were the capacity of Sirhan’s revolver. If you look at every political assassination in the U.S. going back to the purported attempt on Roosevelt, that whacked Mayor Cermak of Chicago instead, you have the same “lone nut” theory. I believe it is to confuse the public and hide multiple coups. By the late “60s MK Ultra had advanced to the point that rather than setting up a chump as the patsy, the CIA had developed the ability to actually control an individual. The ability of the subject to remember anything depends entirely on the post-hypnotic suggestion planted in the individual. In Chris’s case there was not post-hypnotic suggestion to forget everything about how he was involved with the hypnotist and the experiment. Sirhan’s controllers would have planted suggestion to forget everything about the entire process. The experiment was really interesting, This was the first of it I have seen.


I dont really know much about this shooting. but it would be a much better assassination to place complete blame on some one who has no mind of their own


I’ve been following the JFK and RFK assassinations since I was a kid. (Yes, I was alive when they happened-:). You probably have also. It’s absolutely horrifying to me that someone can be hypnotized to do something like this. But, I guess, as they say, the person who is being hypnotized has to be willing. So in the end, Sirhan really is guilty. But the evidence does show there was more than one shooter. They are trying to open up another investigation.


This is fascinating. Like Chris, wouldn’t Sirhan remember being programmed, any of it? Has he ever revealed an specific memory of the process or the hypnosis experience? I don’t believe so.


sirhan supposedly wanted hypnosis….. it would interesting if he did

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