Body Language – Bob Lazar S4 & Area 51

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So frustrating. It takes forever for these videos to download.

Ronald Cantrell

I do wonder if he isn’t a mk ultra victim. The stress and headaches. It’s perfect information for disinformation. Implanted information with trauma. It causes the correct reaction and the wrong, giving false positive. He wants to stay away from it but at the same time is compelled to tell. He needs a better direct interview. He will either have a psychotic break. Or he maybe so well mapped as to be able to walk around it. But I think not with the right line of questioning. High risk high rewards or death. They would never let him walk around no matter what.
They would load him up with facts and no answer. And release him to confound and confuse.
You could always interview him personally. Ask specific questions, equations etc get specific. Watch how many times he’s blocked by pain.

Rob Christensen

What a crazy world we live in.

Ruby Allnutt

Amazing as always!!

Los Angeles Attorney

PP1: The greatest secret in American history was probably the Manhattan Project during World War Two, where America built a secret city to develop the atomic bomb. The job was entrusted to the greatest scientists American had, and overseen by America’s top military brass. Absolutely secrecy was essential, and it was maintained.

PP 2: The second greatest secret in American history is (if it’s true) is probably the discovery of alien spacecraft landing on American soil. Barring the kind of horrid corruption discovered under Obama/Clinton It’s quite hard to believe the reverse engineering of this amazing discovery was assigned to some yutz on the front page of the local newspaper running around in wacky Honda – which itself would bring ridiculous publicity to what is the second greatest secret in American history.

PP 3: Further, if flying saucers flew sideways – even if driven by some kind of gravity apparatus – the air opposing the saucer would super-heat it, like a returning space capsule, make enormous shock waves and create giant sonic booms all over the country. He never addresses this.

PP 4: In any event, can’t get past PP 2. Can anyone?

Dave Mitch

Well, there you go, appling “our” Physics to the issue…


As curious citizens we like to hear him being honest and feel bad for him being hounded in an effort to discredit him. Unfortunately, he insists on talking fairly openly about highly classified technology that is so potentially sensitive and powerful that it can change the balance of power in the wrong hands. The more he talks and the more credible he becomes, the more likely it is that he will end up getting arrested or worse (hole in desert). Unfortunately, some scientists are like him and do not get the national security implications of what they are doing. This is why the Chinese are so able to infiltrate our universities that are doing military research by placing cheap post-doctoral students (spies) in engineering programs. The carelessness and unwillingness of the researchers to follow security protocols is putting us all at risk. I think that if Rogan thought through what he might be doing to this guy by doing and broadcating this interview, he would have realized he was being irresponsible. I would like to think that his zeal for the truth got the better of him. The poor fellow should be anxious.


Advanced propulsion is a generic description? Seems to me that’s fairly specific. Gravity is electrical in its make-up. Seems to me his description of the sphere on a plate kind of indicated that. They will never “discover” what gravity is without considering its electric nature. So much for the open-mindedness and curiosity of science, which it lacks for the want of funding. A little like saying global warming is caused by humans and the science is now closed on that subject. It is forced into trying to prove a narrative.


I am glad you did this one. I really enjoyed this interview and I think Joe does a pretty good job of asking the right questions yet understanding the stress. Such a calm and sane conversation without too much of the believe me look.

I really like Joe Rogan because I find I get anygry at some of his guests which shows his diversity. You want a diverse range of people so you get out of your bubble.

I heard two commentators say that Joe Rogan might be one of the next to go down the road of Milo, Alex , and Loomer. Apparently he is too good.. Milo actually points out how he has steered clear of conservative figures to.try to prevent the backlash but it might be too late…

With guests like this you can see how he might antagonize the wrong people.


I believe Rogan is controlled opposition (for want of a better description), which means that he probably won’t go down.


He very well could be…. would not surprise me if he was.

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