Body Language – Hypnotic Regression

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Diana Smith

Hi Mandy I’ve just joined your gold subscription, how long does it take to activate? I can’t wait.πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Christy Suzuki

Hello. I need some assistance. When I sign in and attempt to watch a video only members only, it sends me to a page that states only members can view this and to sign in. I am not sure what is going on. Can you please help? Thanks for you reply. Christy


I just found this great video and analysis by you Mandy. As a certified hypnotherapist and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner, I’d like to add to the discussion that its really important for the practitioner/therapist to ask open ended questions during the hypnosis and not color the experience with personal opinions and agenda of some form.

I do agree with the comments in this discussion among BBL subscribers that just like any other profession, there are therapeutic/good hypnotherapists and non-therapeutic/not-so-good hypnotherapists.

There are applications to uncovering “lost memories” that can be very helpful to the client. One such example is uncovering an experience that occurred back when the client was 5 months old. Discovering the newborn was sexually abused multiple times by the male babysitter and was never caught, helped the client to do the inner work with her therapist. The client’s therapist could not get the client deep enough in hypnosis. A QHHT session with a QHHT practitioner helped the client to become deeply relaxed enough for the client’s Higher/Inner Self to reveal information that is beneficial for the client.


im glad you weighed in!


“Higher/Inner Self?”


Why does Ford look like a scarecrow with a wig?


All I have to add was it took me 3 goes to stop smoking via hypnosis…. and I have full copies of all the sessions… 6 years on I’m smoke free.

I find it a fascinating process, I also used it to sleep better.

God knows why people would even think about trying to get “lost memories” recovered unless they want a particular outcome. Apparently you need to be open and willing…


Ive heard wonderful things about hypnosis therapy. I really think it depends on the care giver in general. if you have a bad one…it will be bad and a good one will be good. Digging around in memories, i believe to be a sign of a bad one. I tend to think open and willing translate to naive and gullible, when it comes to digging in memories.


Absolutely correct. I have seen good therapists use hypnosis properly to help people overcome habits or improve some aspect of their lives. I have also seen crazy, manipulative ones with an agenda use regressive hypnosis to suggest and reinforce false “memories” that end up ruining peoples lives. You could really tell with the latter because the created “memories” of the patients would all end up sounding about the same. That is because the source was actually the fantasy of the therapist rather than an actual memory.Found your analysis of the memory eye movements in these cases to be very clear and interesting. Glad you threw in Ms. Pretty Pose to show how it applies consistently and not just alien encounters.


What if you still smoke, but the hypnosis only makes you think you don’t?


I doubt that would happen. Hypnosis doesn’t work how you think it does.


What if you’re only hypnotized to think that?

angela villali

Could you help me get to the criminal minds section of the programs. Or help me figure out why I can not pull it up. Thanks.


If you are coming from Patreon, the Patreon one will be up tomorrow. There is usually a delay because we have to create a separate page.

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