Body Language – Tim Cook User Privacy & Alex Jones Deletion

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Has anyone else had trouble joining/paying for a subscription…website issues?

Anthony Triola

The interviewer looks almost awake. Almost.

Ginger Goodner

I almost went to sleep looking at her!

Caden Harvey

She looks like that Down syndrome meme cat

Ginger Goodner

I thought she was a human sloth.


Also, is there any sort of meaning behind which direction someone leans their body?


That girl looks like she is about to fall asleep in her chair haha

Merry Wells

I’m am subscribed as Silver on Patreon. Do I get videos here as well? How do I access here if so? Thank you for all your hard work.


patreon and the website are not interchangeable. YOu can switch to the website. Message me in patreon.


believe me look the entire time


What a sniveling bastard.


The guy just creeps me out. I recently binged on Silicon Valley (not an HBO sub) and their portrayal of guys like Cook is one of the funnier parts of the series. Each in their own ways, these tech titans are basically demented. Picture Cook merrily prancing around, pleasing his abusive boss Steve Jobs …


I like, the Brave Browser, and a few other cutesy things.


Same here. I should write a list of things I use or like to boost privacy and security. Can’t be too safe any more.


Proton Mail rocks. I’m using the paid version with a custom domain.

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