Body Language – The Mary Kay Fualaau & Vili Fualaau Case

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Please help…I attempted to get gold subscription and website would not respond accordingly. Now, “gold” is not even available, only silver. Any advice?

Adam Nixon

I used to know these two, live on the same block as vili.
I was just a 17 year old kid. He was my pot dealer (back when I smoked) he was a nice guy, was quiet but still had that nice smile. He was always known for what happened, its was not something his friends talked about to him, but every knew.
Once she got out if prison they both left the place he was living with his mother. Only saw her a couple times but never talked to her.
I still live in Washington state in Seattle.

Christine Mattice

Wow. She is mentally ill. I feel terrible for Villi. She really ruined his childhood and his life.


I feel sorry for Vili. The way that she tries to embarrass him by mentioning the ‘closet’ thing that happened when he was eight made me cringe. Who cares if he was trying to look up her skirt; he was eight! Seems like Vili could do much better than this obviously personality-disordered woman in her fifties who’s trying to act like an innocent little girl. Is he staying for the kids??


Mary Kay does seem mentally fragile, more so than usual. The stress has taken its toll on her face, too. Maybe she isn’t taking care of herself, but Vili is clearly the more mature and stable one. Thought they’d divorced, but had only separated and have since reconciled, just like their pre-marriage years.


I studied sexual abuse, and it was a terrible experience but I did. Mary is way more mature than she leads on. The way she’s manipulating, the way she’s acting, she’s a classic sexual predator. I read the book, The Wounded Heart by Henry Cloud. It’s a heartbreaking book, but all the tactics are there, and Mary demonstrates them.

Cheri Albaugh

Just exhaling and shaking my head. I remember when this was happening. Jr. High/H.S. sent out papers to teacher on how to deal with teenager words and inappropriate advances…. what it meant and how to address it. e.g. “you are a very good looking boy and have many talents”, ” you are a handsome boy and a good student”. … Usually a troubled home life allowed for this need of attention and approval. Latourneau appeared to be more needy and no help for this young boy. Hoping God’s grace and mercy has been with all 6 of her children. Yet, children may not always do what you ask or hear what you say, but all will do what you do. Conventional wisdom still has clear boundaries!


she so wrinkled and nasty. extremely immature! she still thinks she’s cute and she’s not!


this poor man is still with his abuser. controlled mentally by her until now he’s a man and he’s probably there for the kids. she’s a child molester! disgusting woman! nothing about this is funny its a double standard for women and men.


She has changed quite a bit over time. It seems as if her mental illness is growing more severe. Here is an interview (with bits from an even earlier time) with Barbara Walters:



She is even worse than I thought. Looks like a personality disorder-probably borderline. Even her husband and the interviewer could not believe what was coming out of her mouth. Run, Vili, run fast! She hasn’t finished you off with a butcher knife yet!

Steve Schwer

Bobbit – ize him you mean? A la mid-90s

Carol Herbert

Excellent as usual!


👩‍🎓 I was unsure if it was all an act and she is just a predator or if there was some seriously retarded maturity…. and I mean that in the clinical sense! She almost does that laugh at the most inappropriate time thing like messages get mixed up in her head.
👨‍🎓I feel sorry for him… watching the whole thing I believe he wants out.

Thanks for doing this!


Imagine being an adult and having to live with your crazy mother…. that is what he is doing…


he’s literally married to his abuser. i feel extremely sorry for him

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