Body Language – You Owe Me!

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Fantastic. Could the “sexy pose” be next? Thanks!


what’s “slabby” mean


I Pacifically…need more of these videos

Anna Patrisha

You are officially one the best content creators I have ever watched! Thank you so much for all of your hard work to make these astounding and informative videos. Can’t wait until you come out with more!

Dawn Brown

Somehow i missed this

Joni Wagner

I have no problem with curse words, but they shouldn’t be used in these situations, in public where there are children especially, at ALL, I think that should be enough of a reason to kick them out. The number of crazies just keeps exploding. Very sad. Very, VERY sad.


First and foremost, these are examples of why I use the drive-thru, GrubHub, and UPS religiously. Secondly, as Joe Pesci says, “They f**k you at the drive-thru” so always check your order before pulling away from the window. Thirdly, the guy in the maroon shirt and jeans should have listened to the background music and just rolled with it, baby. I have found that the quickest and easiest way to de-escalate a person giving you attitude is to speak softly. As they get louder, you get softer. This works because it forces the other person to have to actually concentrate and use their brain to hear you and then translate what you are saying. It’s nothing but a distraction technique but it works. Every. Single. Time.

Kennard Brunson

Looking at the first person reminds me on someone on the autism spectrum. My son has the same tendencies.


I disagree, my son has autism so I have had a lifetime of experience observing the subtleties, the difference is small but this was OCD in action IMHO. An autistic reaction would not be directed to the server particularly. Nor would it be malicious. When you have to wait in line and you are caring for a large and sometimes unpredictable autistic man, you have a heightened sense of intervention, just-in-case, ready to diffuse any misunderstandings. Peoples understanding of autism has improved massively over the last 30 years. I have very rarely had to say anything. People just get it. I’m very pleased about that.

Kennard Brunson

My son has Asperger’s so its quite different from true autism. I’m just observing how impersonal she is while talking to the server. My son’s struggles with this but has gotten better.

Marry Duvall

I believe people act this way are trying to get something for nothing, I use to waitress and manage a cafe. My motto was if you ate more then half of what was on your plate. It had to be good enough for you to eat That much.At least twice a week Id get some people pulling this crap ,

Alex Foytek

The price of freedom in this country is never too high. Because we can just kick you out.


Notice the “customers” all have “dun lop disease”….their bellies have “dun lopped” over their privates!


A small piece of psychology towards the middle-end of Elementary school maby would do the trick.

Andy Sanghera

That was fun, I work at a liquor store and deal with this and other crazy stuff all the time. I made a Facebook page for the best ones. Search Turf Liquor on Facebook.


Hey, I’ve worked in this industry for 15 yrs, and rarely is someone genuinely evil. even when I was a bar manager in the worst part of town, I noticed that the native people I caught having sex on the floor outside of the restaurant had just learned to hate “the white man”, and the mall security who’s booth was about 100yards away from said sexual incident were just busy doing nothing, because “nothing ever happens around here” and because they’ve, “seen worse”.
I have had people threaten my life, I’ve had a social justice warrior stir up shit JUSt so that she could play the race card, and I honestly told her to stop stirring the pot. boy, she didn’t like that. she was egging on a guy who was wearing a jean jacket with the confederate flag sewn into it. I get it. you don’t like what that represents. but that man happened to be a guy that had shown so much integrity, respect, and honour with every other patron, and had always kept his opinions to himself, he defended my job when I wasn’t there, and he helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. so when this 22yr old, curly-haired mixed-race young social justice warrior started telling me how I have to kick him out, lo and behold, I told him, hey man, you know you can’t call people by those names, and you know me, so I have to kick you out. guess what? the person with integrity, my friend, alas, wearing the Confederate flag, said, “I know you’re just doing your job Curtis, but this n***er is fucked up”. I thought man, you can’t go saying that shit. but he UNDERSTOOD. He LEFT THE BAR, willingly! and this girl continued to spout her victimization to everyone around her~! I had to tell her that if she keeps attacking the people around her she is going to get a response. turns out I had to stop serving her. Carefully, because I didn’t want to lose my job for being a “racist sympathizer”. Honestly, I have had it all. So I kicked him out, AND I cut her off. But of the two, crazy as it sounds, I trusted him more. Even though he was openly racist. WTF. believe me when I say it wasn’t the racism, but his behaviors outside of it. His genuine understanding of my struggles and his desire and will to follow through that earned my respect. seriously, this channel proves why we need to interact more. everyone has forgotten what “human” means. And most of that, Is body language.

A man came in looking to start a bar tab, he was pie-eyed, (pupils severely dilated) and after I asked him for a credit card he asked me, “don’t you know who I am? I’m Chairman Mao!!” and then I asked him how Tiananmen Square went for him and that I hope it didn’t bother him too much, and he started rambling like a lunatic. Honestly when you have experience with people acting like lunatics you realize everyone is just living their lives, and some people’s lives are shitty. sometimes we go through shitty times and the only people we have to listen and take our crap is the innocent bystander behind the counter. I will never allow someone to shit talk my fellow employees, and I don’t tolerate insults, but I’ve found that the angriest people are completely converted when you take the EXACT OPPOSITE APPROACH; that is to say, well, truly evil people are stopped by the thing that they never got to experience: love and acceptance. it’s crazy how well it works. An East Indian man who I accidentally locked out of the bar one night took it extremely personally and got right up in my face and said, “you fucking ignored me on purpose because you fucking hate brown people!”. I don’t know why, but somehow I knew that he had just had a lifetime of people treating him like shit, so I looked into his eyes, and told him straight, “no. absolutely not. It’s the end of the night, and I honestly got so caught up with closing the bar I forgot you were out there. I’m sorry.” He yelled at me again and called me a liar, but somehow I knew he wouldn’t hit me. I told him again, “no, it has nothing to do with how you look, or where you’re from, I’m sorry” and after about the fourth time, he finally relented. He visibly changed. His shoulders slumped, his eyebrows relaxed, and he shook his head… and walked away. When I returned to the bar to continue closing, he said, “Hey man, thanks so much for the service.” and he looked like he genuinely meant it. You can’t always know, and you can’t always win, but this industry puts you in the middle of it.

I remember the group of regulars that used to come in all the time would get personally offended if I didn’t pay attention to them when I WAS off after my shift. If I ever came in and sat on the other side of the wood they would give me sideways glances and genuinely seemed jealous of whomever I was talking to. I guess I watch this channel because I want to be better at this. I guess I’m commenting because I care about body language, I guess that I’m glad we have a forum to discuss this. I don’t really know, but something about this video compelled me to say something. thanks for your effort Mandy, I find this all very fascinating. but I like your sense of humour about the whole thing. It’s taken years to figure out that drunk people thinking has nothing to do with real thinking, and angry people thinking is almost the same. I would never suggest that we all should, “just get along”, and alternately I don’t think we should “beat every Nazi”; instead I think there is a lot to be found in the blurry, inconsistent grey area that encompasses the human experience, whereby we all take a second to consider that no matter how evil someone might be, they are just living their damn lives and trying their best. And as a receiver of “the gift” (so to speak; a service industry pro), I can tell you, I’m just a damn human. Well, I’m not sure where I was going with all this, but thanks for the opportunity to say it. _C

Caleb Greenberg

how do i become a gold or silver subscriber?


Uncivilized, unsocialized and entitled savages on parade. You will note that all of these incidents took place in chain franchises. That is why I avoid them when I can and spend as little time in them as possible when I have to use them. Yet another example of why natural selection is a good thing for all species. As you point out, the “Owe Me” subset of humanity are retarded in development and would not even be around if even a fraction of natural selection was still in force. Thanks, Mandy- your commentary made the disturbing entertaining, as usual.


Damn, these people eat with those mouths?!


If everyone was required to work in food service or retail as a first job, I would hope that it teaches them to be respectful to others regardless. I know even with that there will still be jerks.


Lol.. that last clip…. did that manager say there is no resolution? That was a brilliant reply because there will never be a resolution that will make this woman happy.

I love it when you do these…. I still laugh when I think of the woman at the underground station and the guy that fell into her vortex! Don’t engage crazy!


yes i like these to break up all the serious


Ah, yes. The service industry. I had a few of these people when I worked at Chick-fil-a. Couple of moments I remember vividly.

I was working the register and this lady ordered a lemonade. Unfortunately we had run out of lemons/lemonade. When I let her know this she went after me. “Every time I come here you’re always out of lemonade! This is Chick-fil-a. You’re known for your lemonade!” (Which they are, alongside their chicken sandwich) “This is what happen when you leave kids (I was 21) in charge of running a store!” (It wasn’t my job to make sure enough supplies were ordered every week. That job belonged to one of the managers. But did I really want to try and argue with the customer?) After apologizing profusely to her for things that weren’t my fault, I finally got to the next customer. But until her food arrived, she was just standing there fuming and muttering things. And one of the worst parts was that her 12-14 year old daughter was there with her. Her head in her hands and her face completely red. Embarrassed to no end by her mother’s terrible attitude. Definitely the worst experience I ever had with a customer.

Another incident stemmed from our store not being a fully fledged Chick-fil-a. Our store didn’t open until 11AM. That means we didn’t have the breakfast menu like most other Chick-fil-a’s. One day, not too long after we opened and were having our morning rush this guy comes up and orders a breakfast menu item. Now, not only did we not have breakfast items on the menu, but Chick-fil-a doesn’t have an all-day breakfast thing. So even if we did serve those items, we couldn’t have anyway since it was past 10:30AM. When I informed the man that we didn’t serve breakfast items a scowl came over his face, he turned red, and the veins on his neck went poppin. I was terrified that this guy was about to beat the life out of me. But then he just turned around and walked out the door without saying a word.

So, yes. Some customers are absolutely terrible. It’s for that reason that I try to be as friendly as possible whenever I eat out. I know what these people have to go through.


My immediate reaction is: eight years of Obama. Secondly, who the hell records knuckleheads at a food court?
I don’t know where you find this stuff, but it’s always insightful, pretty weird and in this case, hilarious …

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