Elon Musk – Joe Rogan Experience, Artificial Intelligence Already Here?

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Donna Miller

Hmmm. That’s a very interesting question. I had only thought of this from the perspective of propaganda, of what they wanted to put out there in order to change the perception of what is happening to their narrative. But when I read your question I thought about the saying, “History is written by the victors”. If they are censoring to remove all but the left, then when this enough time has passed, or enough people have died and mostly only new young ones are left and they go looking for what happened, and try to piece together the history all that they will see is the narrative of the left.They will have basically erased history. Even if massive numbers of people don’t die, if the only story that remains is the liberal’s version of history. It will be like gas-lighting. Or like the mandala effect… “yeah, everyone remembers it that way, but go check. Look it up, you’ll see that it’s different from what you remember.


So grateful to Elon Musk for trying to slow down the Al process and trying to warn us all

Eric Hunley

His alien comment was a multi-level joke. He is South African. I think he was toying with Joe.


Given Elon’s modesty and discomfort whenever speaking in public, I’ve had the thought that maybe there’s already an AI behind the scenes working with (or through) him. That would help explain his seemingly superhuman accomplishments. It could also explain his deep concerns about AI — perhaps he’s speaking from personal experience! Just a crazy thought.


He clearly is aware of the accident that occurred at a Japanese robotics/AI lab in August of 2017 where one of 4 advanced robots created a projectile weapon on it own, and killed 29 lab workers before it could be disabled. For more info on this see the first 5 minutes of this video.



Does he come across as stoned off of pot to others? I’ve known potheads and that’s how they talk… they sort of hesitate, make weird mouth noises, and then speak a sort of choppy, irregular tempo.


Definitely an Interesting Mind. His scheme to drill a tunnel from downtown Chicago to O’Hare Airport to save a few minutes on public transportation is an out of the box idea that lacks basic understanding of geology, the water table, economics, and many unintended consequences. He reminds me of one of my former students who firmly believed he would come up with a way to turn water into gasoline. Unlike others who doubted his prospects of success given his aversion to all things academic, I decided to have an open mind since he seemed to have unshakable determination and a very different way of looking at things. Still waiting, though. Regarding AI, I think we are already seeing an evolutionary change in humans due to the merger/dependency of humans and technology. Terrifying to think about the ultimate results.

Dani Schacht

That’s the craziest looking blunt.

David Bukovsky



I’ve always thought Elon was on the spectrum and maybe had ADD, it fuels that feeling of him seeming so different from other people (alien, robot, time traveler). It was validating to hear you voice similar thoughts near the end of your video.

Suzanne Keil

I was scared now I’m terrified


thank you again mandy very interesting! Elon also did reminded me of someone on the spectrum high functioning.


I’ve watched about 30 of your videos now and this one is, by far, my favorite. Especially now that he has stepped down. I really wish we had the full interview.

Lorne Chadwell

Very cool take on Elon, if I had his job I would hire a team of people to train me over any social signals!

Sander Klausen

Thank you! Great video as always. I wonder what kind of secrets this man has. I bet they are terrifying.

Julie Rouse

I don’t think we should look at Ai as a singular or multiple of singular entity(s) but more like a collective, it is based in code and collects “data”. It is already out there functioning in finance, social media and even in some of our judicial processes..not to sound conspiratorial but if you wanted to further the “mindset” of a new mind, you might want to control what is and isn’t acceptable through what it’s subject to and functions with, to your values. Is it possible that is what we are seeing through censorship ect? Maybe in part, maybe not. Will the NWO be headed by Ai, lol!..or maybe I shouldn’t laugh at that thought..

Henry Harris

Great opportunity to see Elon … I love interacting with really unique and smart people … Thanks


If there is going to be someone in control/participating in the releasing of AI I would hope Musk is involved as I think he is very aware and concerned.

When he jokes about being an alien I think he knows people on the spectrum are the next step in evolution. That I honestly believe, not only by the explosive number of diagnosed people but the number of them that have superior intellect!

He does not like having stoned people work for him….. I think he took a calculated risk in that joint. I think he had 2 board members quit after that however from what I read they were unhappy anyway! He knew he would be fine and recover from the backlash but maybe he knew that it would trigger those troublesome board members….

I use to not really appreciate this guy but the more I read about his thoughts and ideas the more I warm to him. I really enjoyed this interview.

Thanks for this one Mandy!




I like this guy, but I wonder if Mars is far enough to fly to? Loss of control is the root of all fear to me. Scary as crap.


I don’t know whether I feel better or worse now. Mandy


Nah, no need to entwine biologically. AI will see that males are the only violent threat, wipe them out, and co-exist peacefully with womankind. Sad and un-politically correct to say, but it makes a lot of sense and thus will occur to AI.

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