Body Language – Acting Out Auditory Hallucinations

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I find these types of analysis fascinating.
Not only for professional situations in the hospital and MHU but for personal too.

Those auditory hallucinations are very close to internal dialogue of a healthy person and the progression from internal dialogue to crazy is often very subtle and slow. People think it just happens overnight however those first few voices you hear you generally know they are not real but within your head.

I bet if she had to play this role long term in a TV show over several years she might be in trouble… 😜

She did have a lot of the mannerism down pat and I think you are right Mandy… she probably has/does work in the health care industry.


Vimeo link not working on Patreon but found it here.


Very interesting. Nice little surprise! Another tell that she is an actress is her above average personal grooming: the hair styling, makeup and well coordinated dress. But she is very convincing.


This one unique: How to Act Crazy. I’m sure when I’ll personally use this knowledge, when I do, watch out.
You never know what you’ll find at BBL.

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