Body Language – Neil Armstrong Describing the Moon

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Mike Mayer

If they could fly astronauts to the moon, others (nations) would have done it too. It is that easy.
Its not like: “Oh, the Americans are first in Antarctic, ok than let’s not go there, to do our own research.”
In realty one would expect, that the Russians would go there too and at least stay longer than the Americans or
build the first base. It was the time of the “Space Race” so why stop there?!

Don’t believe me.

Choose one topic/field that you are an expert in or have great expertise and look into it in regards to the moon.
And trust your guts!

This is a general good advice with all topics, conspiracies and the media today.
Its mind boggling how many lies are presented to us, every single day!

Bonnie Hawkins

Yes, I agree with you. I am no expert but my gut feelings are strong. I have been interviewed several times in my life and understand the stress. He had to know that there were unbelievers about and the interviewer was projecting that unbelief, whether his or his bosses. Ty.

Cade Holbrook

Arizona State University used a high power telescope to actually spot the lander debris and flag on the moon from at least one of the moon landings, so yes, it did happen.

mihael simic

neil armstrong +2 were all great medium for hypnosis, chosen for the “moon project” task by my friend who is a professional magician, hypnotic therapeutic and hypnosis worker. he was till neils death in contact with him to secure his balance of the mind, because they were all going crazy, because of this non-happened world wide event. before they went there they were hypnotized, pretty much like astrosmurf in a cartoon of smurfs. they got there into a set, that mimicked all he is explaining and all he was experiencing there. this makes 2 things, they search what appears for them, their real memory, and second they dont give away any body tells, because this is their (hypnosis) reality

Wow, you’re so full of it, we don’t even need a video for the tells.


Did Buzz say “we didn’t go there” meaning they didn’t actually go to the moon or did he mean they didn’t go there as in they didn’t do a follow up program?

I believe he was talking about a follow up program as I know many that say we didn’t go there when talking about business ideas that they talked about and then decided against the idea.

I didn’t notice any tells that he was worried about making a mistake. If there are I would love to know where they are



What subscription do I need to watch this video?


All good… figured it out….

FYI…. the conversion rate sucks! Cost me neatly $15 …. but well worth it.

My government sucks…..


Thank you Mandy! I think Neil was trying not to laugh in this guy’s face! I bet half the time he was thinking to himself, “hell, it’s easier to go to the moon than understand what this asshole is saying!”


Whew. No deception, lots of RAM. Nervous? Britain led many of the ‘never-mooon’ conspiracies. Bet Neil was aware of that? When was the interview? Why didn’t the interviewer ask: ‘Why haven’t we returned?’ ( ; )


When was the interview? Had the conspiracy picked up steam?


A year later.
Not to beat the subject up, I’ve always wondered about the first Apollo 11 press conference. Take a peek. Rather than elated, they all seem depressed, even deceptive. I do believe we landed and all, but I’ve never been able to figure what was happening at this event.




Thanks for sharing this video. I agree. All three astronauts have an unnatural affect and it seems like they have memorized their lines.

Kathleen Grigg

The conspiracy theory that I have heard and believe, is that when they did in fact land on the moon for the first time, they saw that there were already other ships well as beings that were not human that did not want us there and warned us not to come back. Supposedly the moon is a base, used by different races across the galaxy. They have been keeping track of humans and our activities from there. Those astronauts were scared.


I heard that as well. We did accomplish six moon landings, so I’m not sure about being warned off, but I bet they did see many strange anomalies. Why we gave up is still a mystery to me.


The Interviewer was Patrick Moore who was an acknowledged authority on the moon and an astronomer. He was also known as being one of the fastest speakers in the UK..loads of syllables per minute ……he was a bit of the mad scientist type ! But a very accomplished musician and highly thought of and revered BUT yes I am sure being interviewed by him was an awkward and odd position to be in. He was very intense as you can see in this interview. Well done Mandy thank you for your lovely assessment of the situation. I think Neil Armstrong became pretty much a recluse as time went by not wishing to share his lunar experiences with the public anymore because he had been so profoundly affected by them. I am going to look up The Anderson Institute you recommend on time travellers.

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