Body Language – Jim Fallon Neuroscientist Of Psychopaths

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He sure acts like half his brain is turned off… just a nasty slobby idiot. I wish his kids well.


Well, drats, Mandy – I had hoped this guy was onto something when I saw the title of this video. I seem to attract those with narcissistic tendencies and was hoping to learn how to read their deceptiveness better, to prevent getting sucked into their fake reality. Greatly enjoy and appreciate all you do and share with us! smile


High level of emphathy attracts narsissist. Thats were they can manipulate and really “cash in”. Read yourself up on the topic and listen to other youtubers experiences so you can send out other signals and guard yourself. One narsissist a lifetime should be more than enough..if you keep getting into relationships with them there is something in you that need to be fixed.


One narcissist per lifetime is beyond more than enough. wink I tend to attract them, but don’t get into relationships with them, anymore, because I have studied up. Also have benefited from fabulous therapy over the years. Definitely helps to do the tough work of self-discovery and self-awareness. Hate that these personality disorders exist, and that we as parents are often contributors to them. :-/ Figured there had to be commonalities in actions that would scream narcissist. smile


What kind of person would want to impress the world with having a disorder that shares kinship with serial killers and serial rapists? Well, probably a person who’s brain scan would also demonstrate being hardwired psychopath. I find it believable that he saw his own brain scan and decided this idiot is a total psychopath. He might also be faking this, “I’m going to prove I can be moral…” and he’s honest when he says he’s knocked over others to get it his way. He might be lying, he might be totally evil. I had a psychopath whom realized I considered him one. He tried to play off of it. I wouldn’t let him.

Caryn O'Connell

That guy has some serious issues. He seems to have this sense of ‘I’m so great give me attention” that it seems he has narcissistic tendencies. If he is still married and he actually does *do* the things he says, he should be inspected by CPS. Truthfully, I see him picking out his favorite serial killer just to say that only future serial killers do that. More than anything he just wants to be the most specialist person eveh!


Well that is a typical psycopath, all psychopaths are narcissistic.. they feel superior. No psychopath see their psychopathy as a flaw.. if they did they wouldn’t be a psychopath. He is on the lower ladder though..

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