Body Language – Scientology

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That bottom lip you are talking about i have seen in these gready psychopathic scammers , they are full of themself and want to pull their victims in like a whale open his mout to get his plankton..bad description, but that’s how i interpret it..kind of an exited greedyness like when you expect to scam /dupe someone in a big scale and you are certain to be successful. Narcissism.
(Completely my opinion)


The one man said it well, “it’s hard.. I put so much into it.” The longer and harder they were in, the harder it is to get out. It can take years to re-evaluate their belief system or “mystical science” as it’s been called.
Appreciate the details you give on all the tells. It’s like learning to read.. keep at it and it starts to flow. Thanks so much.

Joey Caskey

Jason was in HBO’s documentary about Scientology. I wonder if he has the same tells about it as in this interview when he claims to be ex-scientology.


A meaningless clarification: OT 4 and 5 might have been the highest levels at the time of the L. Ron Hubbard video, but they are not the highest levels anymore.


ota 4 and 5 are the top 2 tiers of scientology. SP= suppressive person


The alien Christianity is hilarious, oh and I happen to be a Christian

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