Body Language – The Arizona Text Message Stalker

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“Flattered or terrified”-Hilarious. You know how to establish rapport with crazy people. When I would train my staff I would always emphasize how important body language and voice tone was in doing that. Even if they are not correctly seeing reality, they are very aware of that. My hunch is that she is probably manic and delusional. The shallow breathing sometimes happens along with pressured speech. Reminds me of a conversation I had with a psychotic manic woman who thought she was the Queen of Atlantis and was convinced that she could read my mind. By the next day she had cycled and you would not even recognize her. That poor thing needs some meds! I think it is good for the public to learn to recognize crazy, especially since most of them are not treated and they are roaming the streets unstable. Well done!


I like how they place the #3 in screen shot

Everett Sprague

You mean the channel number on the microphone. I noticed that.

Jodi Cefalo

Caught that too ha! grin


Yeah, they always have to throw in some symbol or number. She is crazy, but maybe just to make all people who know about the occult look crazy. Just like the Youtube shooter and such. Damn crazy conspiracy theorists you know?


You never know what Mandy will come up with next. What did I learn? Avoid Numerology like the plague. Thank you.


Funny. I was thinking the same thing. Look what happening to Carrey, both fictionally and for real! Spooky.


Of course, I jest…

Winifred Basso

Obviously in a manic state and delusional— some antipsychotics would help if she took them as prescribed.


I find it sad and slightly worrying that in your position of authority here, as the body language expert, your narration shows a real lack of compassion. I think the perspective of ‘crazy’ and ‘non-crazy’ leads to a limitation of how deep of an understanding you can have of her situation, how much hope her and people like her have of reducing pain and also deludes the expert into moral superiority. Body language analysis is always wonderfully interesting.


About the breathing, my theory is that she is attempting that “in through the nose, out through the mouth” relaxation breathing technique. She seems super obsessive because she goes WAAAAY too far with whatever anyone tells her so this may have been a quick tip someone handed her before the interview. She’s up against a wall facing several people, several microphones, and bright lights, trying to utilize it, but in her own obsessive way. Plus if you know you already sound crazy, then why care how your breathing looks?

So she’s playing it out in her head, and the breathing technique pauses when she speaks of bartender. He was probably very interested and having fun listening and playing into her story.

As soon as he won’t play enough to actually BE her healing angel, everything is brought back to her normal of not having anyone else on her ‘level’ and the breathing starts up again.

One word, very deep breath, “No” (full deep breath) “I’m not” (full deep breath) – must have been a hard blow to take at the time, because she’s not doing the normal a bunch of words at once between breaths in on that particular part.
Also at the very beginning more nervousness not knowing how it’s going to work, first interview jitters, less words between breaths, but toward the end it’s much different, more words less breaths.

The only way is to know is to see more video… I can’t imagine anyone in regular life would have talked to her much at all (dates, travelling, barchat) if she did this all the time.

8:20 it’s like she’s like being flabbergasted that her old-self had signed up for such a shallow, non-Jesus website. The tone in her voice, her lips, is like excited gossip “Can you even? So shallow!!” Like a “That’s not me anymore! I can’t believe that was me, I’m way better now!” attitude.

13:30 the stress and the look of “hey you’ve been bad” where her eyes are right in the camera, like trying to stare it down, reaks to me of “I am doing what I’m SUPPOSED to do, why would you make me work this hard!?” Like she is trying to speak to HIM, and say “All I do is love, and you threw me in jail!” Then she tilts her head back and find comfort in her numbers again.

A quote from an article: “If [he] wants me to go to jail, I should be in jail, I appreciate it. He’s the light, I’m the love. He knows what to do and I follow the rules.”

14:30 eek a bit of a confirmation, she wanted this interview to share her message of love with HIM. The flair of the eyes “Everybody has to love each other” seems like a bit of a lie, something she has to throw out there and have people believe.

This obsession doesn’t look like it’s ready to end! She even calls it somethings like “Eternal” or “Even if I don’t get anything in return” etc. Call Witness protection!


Now that I re-watch it, it feels like every time she is looking in the camera she’s talking to HIM. Trying to explain his role and her role, etc. She is separating the interview experience from the camera which is the link to him.

When she says “The light (him) makes the love (her) work really hard!” and then she tilts her chin down deep like she’s giving him a stern talking to! In her head, she’s currently in a sort of an argument with him. In her mind they aren’t broken up, they are still “married”, and this is the only way she has of communicating with him.
But she has to play their game the rest of the time because she can’t let on that she’s doing this or it would never be allowed.
Another reason she won’t talk about anything having to do with their actual interactions! If you were CURRENTLY in a relationship with someone, you wouldn’t want to talk about stuff like that. It’s between you and him. She doesn’t want him seeing her ‘airing their dirty relationship laundry.’

That part of it so reminds me of my husband’s ex! They were NEVER broken up, EVER! No matter what he did, until she found a new human male obsession.

Iris Wilder

Edited because I can watch the videos on YouTube and engage in the conversation here. Problem solved! smile


When she mentions the equation she discovered, that men are the light and women are the love to worship them and should lead them, I was reminded of Gnosticism. Gnosticism is an ancient cult and I think they’d have agreed. The Gnostics hated women, and I think the reason is because women are created to distract men from their true identity. They seduce men from knowing their true selves, the Goddess Sophia. Goddess Sophia is a great mother archetype but she is actually the realization of who one truly is. Men are trapped in their fleshy prisons by Yaltaboath, a blind and foolish god. Yaltaboath is actually a metaphor for the word, which created the confusion in the first place.


I responded to a comment below early on in this interview. After watching it all the way through, I want to add that having worked in mental health briefly, nearly all mental illness is related to childhood trauma. Sadly, I have little patience with mentally ill people, but I also think of the children that they might have been if their minds hadn’t been shattered. God only knows what this women was subjected to in her life to make her such a danger to society. It’s one (extremely important) thing to be able to identify true craziness and know how to deal with an individual like this, but there is also the element of compassion….that I’d like to have a better understanding of to blend into that awareness. If that makes sense.

Buena Vista Boyland

I am subscribed but do not understand how to designate whether Silver or Gold. Please help me navigate this site.


I find her charming

Tricia Hawkins

What happened to this video? I could hear the audio.


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Out of all your videos, this one was the most fascinating to me and I don’t know why. I try to put myself in the subjects shoes to empathize and get a better grasp of their lives or thoughts. I hope she finds the love and answers she’s so desperate to find. Right after they stabilize her with a small pharmacy of drugs!

Amanda Hontier

this snapshot is interesting because of her eyes

Amanda Hontier

lung disease behind shallow breathing? emphysema? though there was no coughing.


Mandy I’ve been thinking about this video. No doubt she’s crazy but what she was saying about the Illuminati and the number 33 is not off. With all the crazy stalker people out there why did this one get the limelight? My speculation is to put into the minds of people anyone who believes in the Illuminati or conspiracies are crazy. I already had a friend tell me about a show he saw questioning the mental stability of anyone who believes in conspiracy theories and thought of me. Her handlers did a good job. God only knows what this woman went through.

Charles Harris



Fascinating as ever Mandy as are the comments by your very knowledgeable readers. I don’t know what is behind her behavior but i think i picked up a hint of Kabbalistic ideas as well. I just did a quick search for Kabbalistic numerology and the number three is associated with affection. If you go back to her opening statement she is quite open about what she is seeking in a totally demented way. Poor soul. PS I am not into the Kabbalah……



Jennifer Conway

I freaking love Mandy’s narrations!

Jennifer Conway

Lmao and that poor man lived in “paradise valley”… boy she thought she hit the 33 jackpot

Jennifer Conway

Ok I’m in healthcare and just so you know these type people are alllllllllll over NW ga, just saying! Gotta be meth

Jennifer Conway

Just wow! Good god

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