Body Language – Psychiatric Interview With A Catatonic Schizophrenic

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In the absence of a like button.. comments count as likes! smile


I hate that youtube has added a ‘like’ feature. That was THE thing I hated most about facebag. A lot of stupid people too stupid to leave an intelligible comment can now look vaguely in your general direction and ‘like’. We’re one step away from a friend rating system. It’s like those damn signs I see on libtards lawns- “Hate has no home here.” I hate that shit! I don’t have that sign so you think I’m a hater? Bad mimesis spirals out of control.

It’s odd how trends of videos make their way to the fore. I started seeing these videos of schizophrenic interviews come up in my youtube feed. Obviously I am not unique. They must be going around quite a bit to show up here.
Incidentally, you’re a smart cookie, Mandy! You did the smartest thing to get your content off youtube. Even smarter to leave teasers on youtube. I clicked the notifications so I will be here more often.

Hey, in the spirit of “No Agenda”- why don’t you have some ‘meet-ups”? I bet lots of people would attend.


Thank you Pete…i think my partner would not like me to Meet up with people. As i have a habit of attracting stalkers lol


Yeah, I get that too. My wife calls me a ‘freak magnet’. Not that you’re a freak. Maybe more sincere and honest than most.


Lol. I responded w an lol instead of simply liking Mandy’s comment, so as to NOT annoy Pete????

Heidi Smith

Me too mandy…. wth is up with that. My ex bf is facing the death penalty in Oregon right now for killing his ex and another man. If you looked back his history of stalking and agression increased with every relationship starting in highschool. I’m super careful of people I allow close and i think this is why your page fascinates me

peter pumkin eater

I hate youtube disabled the UNlike button. That is bs.

wendy Michalik

I too see autism spectrum here. Something not understood then. You will see absolute truth in response.

wendy Michalik

The interviewer bullying


I actually knew a teenage male who was breaking down mentally due to several psychiatric disorders, one of which was schizophrenia. I knew his family and they were going through some seriously hard times because of him. He was aggressive, angry, and demonstrated much more than I could comprehend. He too had that sort of incapacity to analyze. He couldn’t see his subjective thinking apart from his observations for reality. To him, an aggregate value is the same thing as a unit. Abstract was concrete, but only sometimes.
I can only guess what goes on in the universe when thinking because horribly obscure and disjointed. What I surmise is that attitudes, thoughts, and feeling of the person with these types of disorders are broken into shards and pieces of them projected onto real life things. This creates confusion for both the one with these disorders and for those who are trying to interact. It’s a common language, but it’s not long for those who are OK to figure out that something is not OK.
It looks to me that when the man who has schizophrenia in this video talks about the way his sits at his piano, and cites this as the reason for being committed, he’s doing that shard type of thinking pattern. He’s also sitting in a very defensive posture ready to sprint. The psychologist positioned himself wisely, so that the man is not threatened any more than he has to be, and that he’s not in his escape path. The psychologist demonstrates aforethought, which demonstrates he’s smarter than the vast population, although that’s not saying much.
The man with schizophrenia may possibly be feeling afraid, and that causes him to switch to his reptilian brain. The reptilian brain of course sets him up for escape. What he perceives is negative emotion projected onto others. His sitting position shows his fear, and he projects that fear, or a piece of it, onto the population. His calculation is convoluted and wrong, and it’s completely backwards. His performance anxiety is broken. The anxiety itself is broken, it’s diseased. He can’t calculate his emotions very well. He can’t experience pain properly. He’s not able to successful perceive.
This schizophrenic man might be taking the pieces of his broken anxiety and projecting it to different places. It’s not all anxiety, but a piece of it.
If my guess is correct, than the man would be projecting a piece of his anxiety onto the psychologist. The analysis is probably painful for multiple reasons, and might not even be flowing. The psychologist is trying to get the man to figure out why he’s committed, and the man’s reasoning is totally absurd, but he cannot understand it. It makes sense. I blame this on the faulty calculator. The meanings of the conversation are probably deeply disturbed even though the language makes sense. Meanings can also change from sentence to sentence.
I have dealt with crazy people too and it teaches me survival skills. When I run into a person who’s high, drunk, or just crazy, I don’t play games. I get away. If I get caught in their line of sight, I act like nothing is abnormal. If I make eye contact, I play it off like nothing is wrong but if I’m caught, and they wish to interact with me, I play along. Then, I try to smooth my way out, and get away. Then I alert an authority. It blows my mind that others insist a person who’s clearly drunk, stoned, or crazy to suddenly change their attitude and become normal. That’s the worst thing you can do… the negative emotions may be broken, and a piece of it can be projected onto you!

Lorne Chadwell

Wow, this guy is scary! Let me guess, he killed someone in his house, and left them there, while he walked around as if they were a potted plant??? No disrespect meant though! Mental illness is a horrible issue! I pray to God one day it will be addressed properly and with respect!

Lynn Hanson

I agree we need quality mental health facilities

matt besco

uh, i just registered and literally have no additional access to videos

Charmaine Ballam

Hi Mandy
I agree with you on bringing back Mental Hospitals that are run with High Standards.

I currently work at a major public hospital in Adelaide, Sth Australia (S.A.) that has a small Mental Hospital attached.
Knowing some of the staff there, Ive asked them what’s it like etc etc and the main thing that keeps coming out is the lack of enough beds for the amount of people that truly need to be in this type of institution for their own well being and obtain the correct treatment for their condition(s).
As the current system of admitting them to stablise and get the levels of their medication(s) right over a short stay of a couple of days to a week or two is failing IMO.
As Ive seen a lot of them returned on a regular basis and each time they return they seem to be more broken, more lost etc.
So sending a lot of them home with a bag of goodies again IMO does not work.

How can you truly put a monetary cost on Health? Be it normal hospital type of health or Mental Hospital type health….governments always seem to look at the $$$’s as if they can profit off people’s poor physical and mental health.
Ive worked at this hospital going now into my 38th year, so I do speak with some experience on what Ive seen/know of.
Plus living with a bi-polar, narcissistic husband for 23 years also made me aware of how quick these people can change in their mental mind set.

Amanda Hontier

“people dislike me”

just made me very sad.


Oh Lordy, I have had ‘friend’ that looked that way .Not this extreme, but the eyes were just like this -FREAKY . Kicked her to the curb in Feb . Could not handle her stuff anymore ( 6 years of trying)


This video, if it is a video, seems old. Maybe this was made in the 60s. Anyway, things are different now. He would be assessed for autism, now. Autism was not explored then as it is today. He is autistic. I’m sure of it.

Daniel Kirwan

Ouch! Take a look at me now! Jeezit! I’ve been committed twice; I’ve had i t almost as bad. I’m grateful that I enlisted. Thank G-d for VA and I don’t what I would’ve done if I were in this poor guy’s shoes. I assume he’s not a vet. One more strike against him.


Schizophrenic people have too much things going on in their head. It is difficult for them to even hear the question. Some people describe it as being awake and hearing and seeing things that are not there, but like in nightmare. You have no control over your thoughts.
My sister is diagnosed as schizophrenic.

The way I could describe it: like she is on invisible telephone with multiple peolple all the time… some will tell awful things, some will talk funny things. Just imagine something like that happening to you and you will get the picture.
She is on her meds and she is fine now.. I can finally see life in her again.
(Sorry for bad english)

Oh, and great video, as always.


Schizophrenic people have too much things going on in their head. It is difficult

Tena Chain

Love this reading! And I appreciate your compassion towards the young man.


Fascinating video, Mandy! Enjoyed it very much! There were a few minutes at the beginning where I felt a tad uncomfortable, simply because I was expecting the patient to leap out of the chair and physically attack the therapist. Pretty sure I can attribute that to the fact be that I’ve watched one too many horror flicks wink but good lord… the poor guy’s level of anxiety was downright palpable! Not to mention the fact that his skin looked a little bit like he was made of plastic and his demeanor was (as you mentioned) robotic. I did find myself wishing that we knew more about him and how/why it was that he landed in the institution. I was also wondering whether this was a small clip or segment taken from a more in-depth documentary about this particular patient – or possibly part of a case study or maybe some type of training video on schizophrenia?


Yeah some people need help and should be admitted to a hospital for long term care for example there is a lady who rides the bus every day for no reason other than to talk with people but she doesn’t hold a conversation together and traffic has to stop because she doesn’t know how to cross effectively the other day she almost got hit by a bus and it took a few minutes for her to even respond she didn’t know what to do it was just horrible to watch her and she has no family to help her but the hospitals should be monitored for ethical practices that’s my 2cents


You have the power to control, but you can’t control the power.


I had a colleague at my former workplace who was very socially awkward: always avoiding eye contact, having a ‘lost’ look, taking a long time to respond, etc. On the other side he was brilliant at his job. People always stayed away from him and called him a freak behind his back.

I moved to a different company and years later I met him on the train, he was very happy to see me again. Not knowing anything about him, my wife said to me afterwards she never saw an adult who was so genuinely happy to see another.

Then after some time he interviewed at the company I was working for. As expected, he passed the technical interview with flying colours but HR rejected him because he was ‘strange’ and took at least 10 seconds before beginning to respond to a question, during which there was an awkward silence.

I’m pretty sure he has a condition and wonder how many opportunities he and others lose because their peers don’t know about their condition and immediately classify them as not fitting in our society.


Please please please do the Cosby accusers. I know I have no right to ask.

peter pumkin eater

comment for a like


I have been hospitalised before and diagnosed with the same condition. I now function normally (And like I use to). Watching this reminded me of how I was. I was constantly in a state of anxiety (did not know what that was at the time) and did not have the energy to properly communicate with people. In hospital, they basically watched me constantly, and I felt that I had no privacy whatsoever. I felt like an experiment of some sort and that everytime I did something, they would write it down. It was a horrible experience. No-one actually asked me what was wrong, instead they kept diagnosing me with all sorts of conditions and forcing me to eat and take medications. It killed my self-esteem even more and hence I became catatonic. If someone was very patient with me, I was actually able to respond like the guy in this video, otherwise it was always rushed and I could never muster the words, or energy to say them. Thank you for this video, and from experience this guy is going through hell in his head, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

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