Body Language – Margret Sanger

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pure evil!


From what I know about Margaret Sanger, I believe we owe her a great deal of gratitude. She was anti-abortion and pro-contraception. It’s hard for us today to even imagine the mentality that allowed for her to be jailed for simply owning a diaphragm (which at the time had to imported from Europe). She fought tirelessly to help women gain legal control over their own bodies, and without having to ever resort to abortion. As far as her perceived links to the eugenics movement, her efforts were to promote the idea that people who had children should be able to properly support the children and provide them with a decent home. That’s not quite the same thing as what the Nazi’s had in mind!

Bonnie Hawkins
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Bonnie Hawkins

I have often wondered about this woman. She wrote hateful things. Ty

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