Body Language – Margret Sanger

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That scratching is a defense mechanism in reaction to unsettling questions. Lots of arrogance, defiance there. She appears to know she can’t be truthful, forthright. like she realized too late that the interview was a bad, bad idea. Interesting subject and analysis.


Disclaimer: The following comments have nothing to do with abortion or birth control.

I was really scared to watch this because I knew from the initial “wicked witch of the west” facial expression on the link that this woman would remind me WAY too much of my own personal evil stepmother (no quotes). But I powered through, slowly! Because it is much easier for me to watch bad if it’s filtered through the eyes of good! I’m very grateful for these videos and the strength they give me!

0:00 The book “I’m OK You’re OK” talks about how people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder thru Psycopathy mentalities can become that way by being badly traumatized between the ages of 0-5 (talking hardcore life/death trama caused by a parental figure that they trust)
So they come to believe “I’m OK, You’re Not OK” and that tends to guide their lives. I believe it is worth noting, because the idea feels fitting in this case. As he is saying the very first question it looks to me like her face reads memory emotion, closing her eyes & tilting her head upward (as a protection,possibly from showing “weakness”) and then a relaxed & relieved smile as he says the word “devil” in the same way that Christians may relax into the word “God” or “Jesus” I mean look at that paused face while you’re talking! If that were the link I’d think it was just a woman praying in gratitude! & then once you unpause she gives a bit of a “waking up” blink. Like snapping out of a good dream

3:49 loose arrogant head tilt

4:35 what looks to be an eye roll before avoiding eye contact “Oh you’re really going to bring that up?”

5:19 dat chin height tho! It goes straight from a really high “I’m right” chin, to a super low “You’re bad and I’m angry at you” chin. This was where I said “OK I know this lady…”

She is so full of anger, which I’d be way more tempted to label in a psychopathic realm and not the backlash she is receiving, because there really isn’t much emotion other than “I’m right” and “You’re bad” which is pretty much the motto of any narcissistic type of person.

Love your quote about sarcasm! I was once head to head with one of these types and I just started sarcastically complimenting them! Their whole tune changed grin Compliments are the only thing a narcissist will ever agree with!

OK this is where I have to quit, way too anxiety inducing. The rest is for another day!


From what I know about Margaret Sanger, I believe we owe her a great deal of gratitude. She was anti-abortion and pro-contraception. It’s hard for us today to even imagine the mentality that allowed for her to be jailed for simply owning a diaphragm (which at the time had to imported from Europe). She fought tirelessly to help women gain legal control over their own bodies, and without having to ever resort to abortion. As far as her perceived links to the eugenics movement, her efforts were to promote the idea that people who had children should be able to properly support the children and provide them with a decent home. That’s not quite the same thing as what the Nazi’s had in mind!

Bonnie Hawkins

I have often wondered about this woman. She wrote hateful things. Ty


pure evil!

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