Body Language – Madyson Marquette

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I didn’t know the story at all, but I did try a google search on the news about this. There wasn’t any on my feed. I did find a YouTube video where Madyson is talking about Biden and Soros being people she was trafficked to (I guess that’s the way they refer to it). In case you are wondering what video I saw, here is the link:



Thanks for that video. i wish Mandy would do a analysis on this one!!. It helped to see her more…and the amount she laughs…i think she is really is likely an actress with a lot of information that will in the end if that’s true…just discredit the truth. If she is not really a victim and that comes out …that will serve to discredit all the truth being said by those who ARE real and truthful.. She is talking about all these other topics even more than the trafficking which also is concerning in regards to the legitimacy of her claims. So much about how she speaks and what she talks about and sort of even ‘brags” about just seems so not real though it’s about stuff that IS real…but how she is talking non stop on so much w/o the kinds of emotions that would accompany that and about things i do not think anyone would even go public with BEFORE the perpetrators are all caught….and in this kind of video and in the depth she does…and it seems to have too many holes in it as well as what the body language shows….


What does it mean when the person is listing towards the right the entire time?

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Anthony Grisafe

These people are unhinged


is it possible that she is out there as an actor talking about what is actually going on and then adding enough unlikely details, like having testified in front of 100 military tribunals against George Soros and a clone of Joe Biden, to make her look like a whack job to distract from what is actually happening? I know enough, having worked with trafficked individuals and even a few legit victims of SRA, that most of what she talks about is actually taking place, and is being escalated with what is going on at the border. I don’t see much trauma or memory there either, though at one point, I thought I saw her eyes dart to the auditory memory area and quickly re center.


I agree. I also wonder if Mandy can answer my question or if you know if the body language might be altogether different if one was once under mind control and decompartmentalized the torture and then either remembered or found out she was a mind controlled traumatized abuse survivor ..if that would make a different body language when she talked about it? And/or if she went through a de programming and that made her detach from the emotions for a trauma healing to occur? (Thus also changing the body language when she talks about it?)


I had similar thoughts (she an actor to discredit those kind of claims made by real survivors). Also though i wondered and maybe you can answer this : If someone is under constant mind control…would that change how they react or don’t in their body language once no longer under the mind control and it’s just a memory w/o emotion? And if go through a kind of deprogramming and separation from emotion of the traumas …occurred the memory originally was decompartmentalized and when remember another process to detach from reliving the pain and heal the trauma…would then the body language also be different? I am not sure i am wording this correctly so i hope you know what i am trying to say with my limited knowledge about it.


I know 2 of the 4 names of the pastors she mentioned, but next to nothing about them, except that Laurie and Jakes are on TV. That woman seemed to me to have studied a script. Why would she nod her head in agreement about details of various tunnels she’s never seen? She’s saving & sheltering trafficked children? How does a person talk about that and not get choked up or at the least show some emotion? While I understand that abuse victims may show very little emotion, their eyes usually tell the story. With all that’s happening in our country right now, all I can think (and I may be wrong) is that she may be a government paid troll working in the Destroy Religion Department of the current 6uild 6ack 6etter regime. She was quite deadpan and there wasn’t even any emotion in her eyes that I could see. It just seemed too memorized script for me to believe. Concern troll comes to mind.

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Nice ending, Mandy, lol! This lady is going after an interesting range of pastors, which is fascinating in and of itself.

Most everyone knows about the underground tunnels in DC – members of Congress use them all the time to avoid the general public. Unsure about how deep those tunnels are, though.


she probably slept with them willingly… lol we will see i guess


Can you read my question above and answer it…in my replies to GOMF …and Mr no name?. She does seem to me too though to not really be a true survivor with real claims .She seems rather superficial and acting…and …just agreeing to his statements that will all know about (tunnels,etc.). And i noticed when she talks about some things (serious) like not wanting her children to see evidence (of her naked etc) ..she starts to break out into a smile but catches it and changes back to serious mouth. Kind of reminds me of others (like Gates) that at inappropriate times, smile unconsciously when lying (and while innapropriate to smile like this would be about evidence of her being trafficked (and naked ,etc.) …But i would want to be sure before discarding her stories …of which we don’t get here ….so i hope we do at some point.

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